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Quick overview of Greenvisa scholarship program

What we offer:

  • 1 spot of $1,000 scholarship
  • 3 spots of $200 scholarship

How to get it:

Write and send us an excellent essay about the topic we suggest below. The essay must be at least 2,500 words.

This scholarship program is available to all students around the world.

Deadline of the scholarship program: 30 June 2018 is a global reasonable-cost traveling agency that specializes in a wide range of travel services for people who want to visit beautiful scenes or do business in Vietnam. One of our main services is processing Vietnam visa on arrival (also known as Vietnam visa online) that allows visitors from at least 190 countries around the world to legitimately get a visa at the arrival airport without the hassle of getting a visa at Vietnam Embassies or Consulates in their country. Greenvisa Vietnam has experienced in this area for more than ten years, and some of its major competencies are fast visa processing, reliability, and affordability with 24/7 online support.

Greenvisa Vietnam scholarship program information

Over the past few years, in order to enhance educational cooperation, Vietnam Government has been gradually promoted many culture-education exchange programs between Vietnam and many countries and territories. Each year, Vietnam welcomes thousands of students from many countries such as the USA, the UK, Korea, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, China, and Cambodia, etc. These students take part in exchange programs to study not only in Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Marketing, but also the culture and social interaction. Cultural exchange programs of universities and colleges in Vietnam are available for international students and domestic Vietnamese students to engage and interact with each other through mutual language and cultural learning. Vietnam is currently on its way to become an ideal country for taking part in educational and cultural exchange programs. Universities and colleges in Vietnam also offer many great opportunities for foreign students to participate in voluntary activities both within the school and outside the local community that aims to improve and encourage community spirit, learn new skills, and build social contacts.

In order to encourage students around the world to pursue their full potential in education, Green Travel Universal has offered a scholarship worth $1,000 for the luckiest student who can satisfy all of our requirements. Delivering the true value and giving back to the community is one of our core values, we are pouring all of our hearts into business and also for our society. We used to be students, and we understand that scholarships would help us sometimes along the way. That is why we always try to put in our little effort to the community around us. That is our responsibility to make this world more beautiful and we believe this thing will always remind us of the true meaning of doing business which is delivering the value and happiness, not just revenue or profits.

Greenvisa Vietnam Scholarships

Details about the scholarship

We are offering a scholarship with an award worth $1000. The selection process will be rigorous and based on a wide range of requirements including meeting the selection criteria and submitting a relevant essay about traveling to Vietnam which is a part of the application. We sponsor for this scholarship program on yearly circle time and sometimes the candidate from the previous year would be eligible for the reward of the next year in case we do not found any essay that meets our requirements. On the other hand, we also give three consolation prizes that are worth $200 each. We receive many applications every year, and we do not want to waste the precious effort of candidates so will choose three candidates whose applications almost closely reach our requirements. We trust in student’s effort, and we believe these awards will encourage them to study harder, learn more new things and make more effort on reaching their targets.


Only students who meet the following criteria will be considered for the scholarship:

  • All applicants must be students who are currently enrolled in a college, university or high school.
  • The GPA at the time submitting the application must be at least 2.5.
  • Applicants who demonstrate creativity and innovation in their essays will be given priority.
  • The scholarship is open for students from all over the world.

How to apply for Greenvisa scholarship program

The application process for the Green Visa Vietnam scholarship is quite simple. For applicants who have met the eligible criteria, you need to follow the steps below to send your application:

1. Write and submit a high-quality scholarship essay about traveling to Vietnam. The essay must be at least 2,500 words.

2. The essay must be original, creative and written in a professional manner.

3. The criteria of choosing the winning essay will be based on factors such as creativity, relevance of the topic and the style of writing.

4. Applicants are encouraged to tell us more about why they feel they deserve the scholarship.

5. All completed essays must be sent to [email protected][email protected] before the deadline of the application.

6. You are advised to include the following documents in your application:

  • A current course entry form from any college.
  • An acceptance letter from any university.
  • Your updated resume or CV.

Selection of the winner

The scholarship winner will be selected by a team of evaluators. The team will assess each essay on the basis of its relevancy, creativity, and originality. The chosen applicant will be notified via email or phone. The three winners of three consolation prizes will also be notified via email or phone. Besides the topic of traveling to Vietnam, candidates can write the scholarship essay on these topics:

  • Analysis of visitor’s experience about trips in Vietnam.
  • What do you think about getting a visa to Vietnam through many approaches like Vietnam embassy visa, Vietnam e-visa, Vietnam visa online
  • Bad things and good things occurred to foreigners when they travel to Vietnam and solutions/methods/approaches to deal with these issues.
  • What makes foreigners love traveling to Vietnam and the most popular things that make them hate to visit Vietnam.
  • What should Vietnamese do to improve their tourism and avoid bringing out bad experience to foreigners?
  • What makes Vietnam travel different from other Indochina or Asian countries?
  • What are the main reasons that make Vietnam worth visiting?
  • How do people feel about the natural ecosystem and environment in Vietnam?
  • Does Vietnam travel offer more authentic experience than other regions?
  • How do foreigners feel about Vietnamese and how they offer tourism services for visitors?
  • Reasons why some travelers never want to come back to Vietnam again.
  • Tips and tricks for a Vietnam visit.
  • And more…

Deadline for submission

GreenVisa Vietnam scholarship accepts applications from 30 June 2017 to 30 June 2018. The team of evaluators will start considering each application immediately, and the winner will be announced on 1st July 2018.

Terms and conditions of the Greenvisa Vietnam scholarship

  • Proof of eligibility must be provided.
  • All essays must be submitted in English.
  • Each applicant can only submit one application.
  • Information provided must be valid and verifiable.
  • You accept that by submitting your application, you give us the right to publish your essay including personal details such as your name and school if you win.
  • The scholarship worth $1,000 can be sent to the winning student through multiple money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram or Paypal, Stripe, or even local money transfer services that is most suitable for the student.

We are looking forward to receiving your application and wish you all the best of luck.

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