Vietnam Visa Payment Guidelines

Vietnam visa - Payment Guidelines

In a fascinating and changing world these days, an international payment gateway that is selected by our e-commerce instead of others because of its significant benefit is PayPal. To give an illustration, it is announced that buying is free when using PayPal & Credit Card. The seller only gets a modest fee to handle your payment. You can accumulate your credit card reward points as well.

Before making payment with PayPal, what should we do?

  • You need to ensure that international payments with your credit card can be sent.
  • Guarantee that you have enough credit to transfer payments directly.
  • Make sure you know very well what the charge fee for cross-border transactions.
  • Why should you use Paypal and credit card payment?

    Keep You Safer

    If a suitable item doesn’t arrive or is not what you required, you don't have to pay for it. With Buyer Protection, PayPal & Credit Card will help you resolve issues concerning eligible purchases. Particularly, you can get a refund after transferring your money to an account thanks to the charge back function in case you do not receive the service as requested. Therefore, you can be sure to avoid unexpected problems with fraud.

    What's more, the popularity of PayPal worldwide is expected to be a great supporter for you to implement the online transaction.

    Shopping is made easier and more convenient

    It is worth mentioning that a debit or credit card to make online payments instantly can be added quickly to your PayPal account. Do not worry if you don't have a credit card - simply top-up your PayPal balance with your preferred bank. Or you can just choose Credit Card payment when you place an order on the checkout page.

    How to sign up for a Paypal & credit card account?

    There are two main easy ways below:

  • Firstly, please visit the PayPal website to sign up for an account. It's fast and straightforward!
  • Secondly, own a Credit Card, then register to our website - GREENVISA.IO - and choose credit card payment after applying for Vietnam visa online.
  • What are the advantages of a confirmed account?

    It is well informed that PayPal lifts your account limits to send and withdraw money. Therefore, buyers and sellers have greater confidence to do business with you since your verified status means more account safety.

    Will there be any additional fee?

    There may have only currency conversion fee when you buy or send a payment overseas. PayPal and Credit Card will always show you the exchange rate, which includes this fee before adding it to your purchase amount. So, please do not worry about extra cost.

    Please refer to the following steps as a guideline for international payment transaction:


    Step 1: Double check your booking and the total fee

    To be more specific, please ensure that the amount of money in total is the sum that shown in your booking because there is no extra charge for this transaction.

    Vietnam visa - Payment Guidelines

    Step 2: Select the mode of payment via Paypal payment gateway

    Vietnam visa - Payment Guidelines

    Option 1: Implement the amount by utilizing the Paypal account

    If your PayPal account is available and the balance is higher than the total you need to pay. You can select this option and fill out the required information such as:

    Email address: (the one you did use for your application with PayPal).

    Password for accessing your PayPal account (the password for account owner confirmation).

    Vietnam visa - Payment Guidelines

    Option 2: Implement the transaction via international payment cards such as visa credit card, visa debit card.

    You can make the payment via PayPal even when you have no PayPal account, or you don’t want a PayPal account. Please select option 2: "Pay with My Debit or Credit Card" to complete the transaction with the international payment cards such as Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card.

    Vietnam visa - Payment Guidelines

    There are a few details consumers need to advise for secure Online Payment Gate provided by Paypal -

    Transaction result

    Notification (via E-mail) that your payment was successfully confirmed receive would be sent to you immediately. If not then you should double check your credit card number, or contact your bank to have more information, or contact us - - to get confirmation.

    Note: When you make payment by credit card if there are any problems and fails. Please read the guidelines above. In case you pay the second time and still fail, please don’t pay more and let us know. We will check with the bank and help you to solve it.

    Problems and solutions - Why was my payment failed?

  • First and foremost, please make sure your credit card supports online payments. Payments might be ignored due to some obvious facts that could be the differences in user habits, IP exceptions, the performance of VPN, or bad credit reports.
  • If you are utilizing someone else’s credit card or if your shipping information and credit card data don’t match, your payments may be rejected due to the risks of illegal payments. Please reach your Issuer Bank again to request details of the credit card to verify and remake your payment.
  • If your payment is failed or declined politely, we suggest that you should sign up for a PayPal account and link your credit card again. After that, please verify your credit card so as to let PayPal understand that you’re the card owner.