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Vietnam visa is required for all foreigners planning to visit Vietnam except for residents of countries benefiting from the visa exemption with Vietnam. In order to obtain a visa to this country, travelers normally need to go to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate since they are the only competent government organizations authorized to grant visa abroad. Requesting a Vietnam embassy visa is considered as the most traditional and reliable way of getting visa for Vietnam. You can directly get the permission to enter Vietnam right in your country when choosing this method.

Vietnam visa on arrival - Vietnam visa online

Visa policy for requesting Vietnam visa from embassy

With this traditional way of getting Vietnam visa, you have to wait at least a week for your visa application to be processed.

In some cases, the Vietnam Embassy will request for more documents or interview the applicant. If you cannot come to the interview, the Vietnam embassy visa application will soon be postponed or extended. Moreover, unless it is for personal purposes, other requests for another visa would not be accepted. Please keep in mind that the embassy will not answer anything relating to the visa procedure.

The visa expiration is 30 days or 90 days depending on the type of visa and starts from the arrival date, not the date you submit the application. After this period, your visa will be invalid, and you cannot enter Vietnam.

To avoid some unforeseen problems, you should read the Vietnam visa requirement and policy thoroughly. The processing time of getting visa at the Vietnam Embassy is about one week, and it depends on the length of time that you want (normal service, urgent service). Besides, it would be wise of you to make contact with the Vietnam Embassy in your country directly for more details.

Now, before you start applying for a Vietnam visa at the embassy or consulate, make sure you know what documents you need to prepare.

Required documents for getting Vietnam visa at embassy

  • Your original passport which has at least 6 months of validity.
  • One Vietnam embassy visa application form completed with accurate information and attached with a passport-size photo.
  • Some money to pay for the Vietnam embassy visa fee. Take note that the fees vary and depend on the length of your journey, kind of entry, and the purpose of the trip. More importantly, all visa fees at the embassy are non-refundable.
  • If you choose to submit your application by mail or post, please provide the correct address of where you want to get back your passport and visa. All of the documents should be put carefully in one envelope.
  • How to obtain a Vietnam visa embassy

    You need to visit the closest Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in your area to apply for a visa to this country. The length of time and the cost of Vietnam embassy visa are different from each place so you should contact the embassy directly for more accurate information.

    How to get a visa to go to Vietnam: Firstly, you must send your original passport to the embassy and then pay the service charge as well as some other fees (processing fee, visa approval arrangement fee, handling and expedited fee or shipping fee, etc.) Then, you will receive a receipt for the return time of your visa.

    To acquire a visa at the Vietnam Embassy, you can follow these four steps:

    Step 1: Carefully check the Vietnam embassy visa requirements from the Vietnam Embassy near your location. You can make a call or come in person to the embassy.

    Step 2: Fill in the Vietnam embassy visa application form and submit relevant documents to the embassy.

    Step 3: Pay the visa for Vietnam cost.

    Step 4: Receive the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

    Now you have known the procedure to collect visa to Vietnam from the embassy. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages as well as disadvantages that you can have when applying for this type of visa.

    Pros and cons of getting Vietnam visa from embassy


  • This visa type is more secure than a Vietnam online visa
  • You can deal with the embassy/consulate directly.
  • You can get your visa stamp before you arrive in Vietnam.
  • You can enter Vietnam via airports, seaports or land borders.
  • Cons:

  • You may have a lot of issues relating to documents required by the Vietnam Embassy.
  • You have to wait for 5 working days to get your visa.
  • The cost of Vietnam visa through embassy is more expensive than getting the online visa for Vietnam.
  • You have to spend time coming to the Vietnam Embassy. It will be much more inconvenient if the Vietnam Embassy is far from your place.
  • Important notes about Vietnam embassy visa

  • The embassy will not answer any question regarding the visa procedures.
  • All necessary documents must be sent at the same time. Unless you have all of them, the application form is invalid. In addition, the visa fee to Vietnam is non-refundable.
  • Sometimes, your visa request might be denied or extended by the Vietnam Embassy. Therefore, you should not book any plane ticket during the visa-processing time. The embassy will not take any responsibility if your visa is rejected and you cannot get on the plane.
  • In case the visa is denied by the embassy, you cannot apply for Vietnam visa with the same previous purpose within 6 months.
  • After the visa is issued and if you have any adjustment related to extending the staying duration, you must apply for a new visa. Therefore, it is critical to check your Vietnam embassy visa application carefully before submitting.
  • Nevertheless, just in case you do not want to go for Vietnam visa from embassy, you can put your trust in other options of getting visa to Vietnam. Currently, foreign travelers have three primary methods to obtain a Vietnam visa. You can either get it at the Vietnam Embassy in your country or stay at home and apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival or evisa for Vietnam via a government-registered site such as You can visit our Vietnam visa guide to look for more information on how to apply for a Vietnam VOA and e visa Vietnam.

    If you decide to opt for Vietnam on arrival visa, you should bear in mind that we also offer some extra services at the airport to help you feel more comfortable after a long flight and avoid queuing at the Landing visa counter when getting your visa stamped.

    Vietnam embassy locations

    For visitors planning to get Vietnam visa with the traditional method, our Green Travel team has compiled all the contact information of the Vietnam Embassies or Consulates all over the world. You can click on the country that you want to look up for your required information.