Vietnam Embassy In Faroe

Vietnam visa is a required document for foreigners who want to travel to Vietnam, including Faroese citizens. Good news is that Faroese travelers have been supported by on arrival visa Vietnam which is a new type of visa allowing visitors to make an application for Vietnam visa Faroe right at their home without needing to visit the embassy in their country.

Residents of Faroe now have two methods to apply for a visa to Vietnam. The first option is that you can directly pay a visit to the nearest Vietnam Embassy to request a Vietnam visa and wait for five days to one week to obtain a visa for Vietnam. The other one is using services from to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam VOA). With this type of visa, you just need to wait for two working days (normal service), one working day (emergency service) or four hours (super urgent service) to receive a Vietnam approval letter online and get your Vietnam visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

However, we regret to inform you that there is no information about the Vietnam Embassy in Faroe until now. Please get in touch with the closest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in neighboring countries to get your visa for Vietnam.

In order to help visitors have more understanding about methods of getting Vietnam travel visa and working visa in Vietnam from Faroe, has compiled Vietnam visa guidelines including requirements, procedures, as well as detailed notes. You can make use of these information to simplify the process of getting the permission to enter Vietnam.

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