Vietnam Embassy In Gabon

A visa is an official mark stamped on a passport which allows foreigners to enter or leave a particular country. Vietnam is one of the countries that have a limitation of granting visa for foreign citizens. There are not many countries benefiting from the visa-free travel and bilateral agreements with Vietnam. Every traveler planning to enter Vietnam needs to check in advance all visa requirements for Vietnam to avoid unexpected problems with their journey. To lessen and simplify the procedures for getting Vietnam visa, Vietnam Government introduced a new online visa system called Vietnam visa on arrival for Gabonese citizens intending to visit Vietnam. The process of getting this new online visa is much easier and more convenient compared with the visa-obtaining procedure at the embassy. By just following three simple steps, you will pick up your Vietnam visa Gabon at arrival airports in Vietnam.

However, the traditional way of getting a Vietnam visa embassy is still a reliable choice for you if you want to get in hand the Vietnam visa before getting on the plane. This method requires you to visit the embassy or consulate to apply and receive the visa. Until now, Vietnam has established its embassy and consulates in nearly 200 nations and regions around the world.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that there is no Vietnam Embassy in Gabon up to now. If you would like to get a Vietnam visa at embassy, please get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries.

Using this method, you may get a full visa stamp after one week process. However, you need to submit an original passport, a visa application form of Vietnam, as well as relevant documents by post or in person to the embassy. Thus, this procedure will take you extra time and cost. The extra expenses may be transportation, and additional documents. Please notice that these fees are different from the visa fee charged by the Vietnamese Embassy. You are recommended to check out the nearest Vietnam Embassy for up-to-date and exact information.

In order to help visitors have more understanding about other options of getting visa to Vietnam from Gabon, has compiled Vietnam visa guidelines including requirements, procedures, as well as detailed notes. You can make use of these information to simplify the process of getting the permission to enter Vietnam.

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