​Vietnam Embassy In Guinea-Bissau

Just like most of the foreign travelers from other nations, Guinea Bissauan tourists need to make an application for visa to enter Vietnam. At this time, there are two main ways for you to get Vietnam visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens: applying for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Guinea Bissau or obtaining Vietnam visa on arrival by hiring a government-registered travel company in Vietnam such as Greenvisa.

If you  want to get a Vietnam visa (Vietnam business visa, Vietnam travel visa) before your journey, you can get one at the Vietnam Embassy. By following this traditional method, you can have your passport with the visa stamp before entering Vietnam. In addition, you can manage the whole visa-getting procedure directly with the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in your living country.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Guinea Bissau until now. You are recommended to travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in neighboring countries to get Vietnam visa to enter the country legally.

Using this method, you may get the full visa stamped after one-week process. You need to send your completed Vietnam embassy visa application form by post or in person to the embassy. Thus, this procedure will take you extra time and cost. The extra expenses may be the fee of transportation and additional documents. Please notice that the Vietnam visa application process and fee charged for each applicant are different from embassy to embassy.

In case you want to find a convenient way of getting Vietnam visa, you should apply for VOA Vietnamese. To obtain this visa type, you need to visit Greenvisa.io and complete an online Vietnam visa application form. Then, you will receive a Vietnam approval letter via email in 2 operation days for normal service and 4 hours for urgent service after paying for the visa fee. Once you obtain this letter and attach it to the application form, you have to prepare your passport, two photos (4x6cm) and some cash for the Vietnam visa on arrival stamp fee. Finally, you will get your visa stamped on your passport at the Vietnam arrival airport.

For more detail on how to apply for Vietnam visa, please click the following link: Vietnam visa guideline.