Vietnam Embassy In Morocco

In an effort of the Vietnam Government to attract more and more tourists and businessmen from Morocco to come to Vietnam, a visa system called visa on arrival was created to help the Moroccans acquire Vietnam visa Morocco. Currently, apart from the regular method which is acquiring visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Morroco including business visa Vietnam and Vietnam tourist visa, you can choose to apply for a visa on arrival (VOA) through a travel agency in Vietnam such as

VOA in Vietnam is the best alternative way which was initially introduced to help those living far from the Vietnam Embassy get visa easily. In place of following the long processes of obtaining visa at the Vietnam Embassy, you only need to complete an online application form and pay for the cost of Vietnam visa.

However, if you still decide to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy, there are some important things that you should remember. One of them is that every essential document has to be submitted at the same time to the Embassy of Vietnam. If you do not adapt any of these Vietnam visa requirements, your application form will be rejected. Another thing is that the stamping fee at the Embassy of Vietnam is nonrefundable. In some circumstances, the visa submission may be declined or extended by the embassy. Therefore, you should not book any plane ticket during the time your visa is processed because the embassy will not take any responsibility if your visa request is declined and you cannot board the plane.

We regret to inform you that there is no information about the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Morocco until now. Please get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in any nation where is nearest to your place to find most convenient for you to get your Vietnam visa.

By choosing this option, you can get the full visa stamped after one-week process. You also need to send the original passport by mail post or in person to the embassy. This step may take you extra time and money for transportation, additional documents and mail post fee.

In addition, please take note that the procedure and fee to apply for a Vietnam visa are different from embassy to embassy. Therefore, you are strongly advised to find the nearest Vietnam Embassy for up-to-date and accurate information. In case you would like to avoid such hassles above, choosing Vietnam visa on arrival is an ideal method for you.

For more detail on how to apply for it, please click the following link: Vietnam visa guideline.