Vietnam Embassy In United Kingdom

The U.K. citizens can travel to Vietnam without having to possess a Vietnam visa for UK if you meet following requirements:

  • Your stay in Vietnam in less than 15 days
  • Your passport must have 6-month validity from the date of entering Vietnam
  • The interval between the entry date and the previous exit date must be at least 30 days.
  • If the U.K. passport holder cannot meet all of these requirements, you will have to apply for Vietnam U.K. visa before entering Vietnam.

    In an effort of the Vietnam Government to attract more and more visitors and businessmen from The United Kingdom to come to Vietnam, a visa system called visa on arrival was created to help the U.K. citizens acquire visa to Vietnam more easily. At the present, apart from the traditional method which is getting visa Vietnam UK at the Vietnam Embassy, you can choose to apply online for a Vietnam visa on arrival for UK citizens (VOA Vietnam UK) or Vietnam E visa UK through a travel company in Vietnam like

    Vietnam visa on arrival UK (Vietnam visa online UK) is the best alternative which was initially introduced to help those living far from the Vietnam Embassy get a visa to Vietnam more conveniently. In place of following long processes of obtaining visa at the Vietnam Embassy, you only need to complete a Vietnam visa online application UK and pay for the visa-processing fee.

    However, if you still decide to apply for a UK Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy, there are some important things that you should remember. One of them is that every essential document has to be submitted at the same time to the Embassy of Vietnam. If you do not adapt any of these requirements, your application form will be rejected. Another thing is that the stamping fee at the Embassy of Vietnam is nonrefundable. In some circumstances, the visa submission may be declined or extended by the embassy. Therefore, you should not book any plane ticket during the time your visa is processed because the embassy will not take any responsibility if your visa request is declined and you cannot board the plane.

    Embassy of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom

    Below is the contact information of Embassy of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom, who will provide you with assistance and information on how to get a Vietnam visa UK from London, United Kingdom.

  • Represented: Vietnam
  • Country Located in: United Kingdom
  • City: London
  • Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
  • Phone: 0207 937 1912
  • Fax: 0207 937 6108 or 0207 565 3853
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
  • In case you would like to keep away from complicated procedures from getting Vietnam visa for UK citizens at the Vietnam Embassy UK, choosing visa on arrival Vietnam UK is an ideal method for you.

    For more details on Vietnam visa requirements for UK citizens or how to get a visa for Vietnam from UK (tourist visa Vietnam UK or Vietnam business visa for UK), please access to our Vietnam visa guideline.