Vietnam Embassy In Vanuatu

Vietnam visa is a required document for foreigners who want to travel to Vietnam, including Vanuatuan citizens. Good news is that Vanuatuan travelers have been supported by Vietnam visa on arrival for Vanuatuan citizens which is a new type of visa allowing visitors to make an application right at their home without needing to visit the embassy in their country.

Residents of Vanuatu now have two methods to apply for a Vietnam visa Vanuatu. The first option is that you can directly pay a visit to the nearest Vietnam Embassy to request a Vietnam visa application and wait for five days to one week to obtain a Vietnam visa. The other one is using services from to apply for a Vietnam on arrival visa (Vietnamese VOA). With this type of visa, you just need to wait for two working days (normal service), one working day (emergency service) or four hours (super urgent service) to receive a Vietnam letter of approval and get your Vietnam visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

We are sorry to inform that there is no Vietnam Embassy in Vanuatu up to now. If Vanuatuan passport holders would like to get a visa at Embassy, please get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring country.

In order to help you get more understanding about this traditional method of acquiring visa to Vietnam from Vanuatu, has compiled Vietnam visa guidelines including Vietnam visa policy, Vietnam visa fee, as well as procedures for getting visa at the Vietnam Embassy. You can make use of these information to simplify the process of getting the permission to enter Vietnam.

Using this method, you can get the full visa stamped after one week process. You also need to send the original passport by post or in person to the embassy. This step may take you extra time and money for transportation, additional documents and mail post fee.

Kindly remember that the procedure and fee to apply for a Vietnam visa for Vanuatuan citizens are different from embassy to embassy. That is why you should contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy for up-to-date and accurate information. If you want to avoid such hassles above, choosing to get visa Vietnam on arrival through is an ideal option for you.