Vietnam Embassy In Western Sahara

If you are a resident of Western Sahara, you must hold a Vietnam visa for Western Sahara before traveling to Vietnam. Currently, Western Sahara nationals have two methods to apply for a Vietnam visa Western Sahara. You can either apply for a visa Vietnam at the embassy or apply online for visa Vietnam on arrival via a travel agency.

Unfortunately, Western Sahara travelers are not allowed to utilize Vietnam on arrival visa for Western Sahara citizens (Vietnam VOA). Therefore, you have to travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy or the Vietnam Immigration Department to get a Vietnam visa for Western Sahara.   

Up to now, there is no the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate established in Western Sahara yet. That is why you have to visit the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in neighboring countries to request a Vietnam visa for Western Sahara citizens.     

In an attempt to help Western Sahara travelers get the Vietnam visa Western Sahara more conveniently, Greenvisa have prepared a list of Vietnam Embassies and Consulates around the world. Finding out the address of Vietnam Embassy or Consulate nearing your place by clicking here.