Coco Beach Camp

Coco Beach Camp is one of the attractive tourist landscapes in Binh Thuan Province; it is just opened with two new areas: Camper Trailer and Coastal Villages for visitor to this place.

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Coco Beach Camp - Vietnam Travel Experience - Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Coco Beach luxury campsite is located on the pristine beaches of Lagi Town - Binh Thuan Province. It is around 160km from Saigon and can be reached within 3 hours by bus.

Coco Beach Camp is like the heaven with a long, wide and clean beach. Besides, there are no such lofty ranges of the hotel or resort blocking the view. Instead of that, there are a lot of colorful cottages which were built in the whole area, stretching from the beach to the garden clause inside. Moreover, travelers can be relaxed and rest all day long or find the experience at this natural beach.

Coco Beach Camp - Vietnam Travel Experience - Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Also, there are a lot of exciting experiences such as relaxing in huts, sleeping next to the seashore, waves and the wind audibly adjacent to the ear, eating fresh seafood which has been pulled into the grid, etc. But if, formerly Coco Beach Camp tents only areas, dormitories, and Bungalows Villa Beach Huts, then you do have a crush miss this place. Do not miss the chance to experience two latest areas of this location: one is Moc Coastal Village area and the second is the Mobile Home Car - Camper Trailer.

For believers like to move, then Camper Trailer - The Mobile Home Car is the best choice because travelers can drag to anywhere they would like in Coco Beach Camp, without fear remains the same sad loss. The price here is 700,000VND/ 2 people/night which is pretty reasonable for a room with full amenities from air conditioner to the player. Furthermore, travelers can wake up in a warm foot mattress early in the morning, then sprawled on the bed and listen to music with playful melodies. Ensure you will forget all the tiring routine. Otherwise, in the Moc Coastal Village, you will spend the night in the house letters A classic, rustic-style decor is rustic, natural. In a case, travelers like to be quite; they can wake up with whispering waves, relaxing outdoor experience with wooden bathtub seem. Even better, it can take some ingenuity of its funding manually through organic vegetable garden care, or you can climb to the railing and enjoy a starry sky offline at night.

Coco Beach Camp - Vietnam Travel Experience - Vietnam Visa On Arrival