Some Common and Delicious Vietnamese Cuisines

The beauty of Vietnam through the beautiful landscapes, the tasteful, delicious and special cuisines through out the whole country plus the diversity of cultures in different parts of Vietnam have long been the apple of near and far tourist all over the globe. One of the unique features contributing to Vietnam’s culture is the local foods.
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Most popular would be Pho which is a Vietnamese Noodle Soup – originated in HaNoi. Pho can be found throughout the country of Vietnam. Comes with many different combinations, it is best when served with chicken (Ga) or beef (Bo). Eaten for breakfast traditionally, but It can be found throughout the day and night also.
Pho Hung and Pho24 is the two Pho chains that serve with overpriced, dull pho. Recommend to try at some local restaurants.
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In HCMC, Pho will be served with a bunch of herbs and sauces.
Try the delicious broth. If it needs lime, squeeze some in. People can also rip up some of the culantro and other herbs and toss those in Pro.
Add some fish sauce and other sauces as well. The broth is usually delicious to the mass customers but feel free to adjust with the ingredients on the table. Pho will usually at VND20,000 in non-tourist zones in HCMC to VND50,000 in touristy areas.
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There are many variations of banh mi. Some comprise of a wide array of meats, such as meatballs, pork skin, various cold cuts, egg and so on. For example, Banh Mi Xiu Mai uses spiced pork meatballs, Banh Mi Ga is usually served with Chicken Jambon.
One of the best Banh Mi in town of HCMC is Banh Mi Huynh Hoa in Le Thi Rieng Street, District 1.
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Fried rice flour (like fried potato homefries) served with egg and soy sauce. This dish is usually served best in District 3 and District 5 (China Town) in HCMC.
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A Hanoi featured dish is Cha Ca La Vong which is a marinated, pan-fried fish.Tourist can find some really good fried fish throughout Vietnam, especially in HCMC and HaNoi.
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Usually be served at all meals in day and late night in the south of Vietnam – this is a broken rice dish usually come with grilled pork, egg and a dipping dish of nước chăm (fish sauce with lime, sugar and chili)
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This is vermicelli served with grilled pork and vegetable that is better eaten in the south of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), etc.). Stir in the nước chăm served on the side. Brilliant dish. Order with Vietnamese summer rolls (Cha Gio or Chả giò)
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Bo La Lot is a small fresh grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves. Bo La Lot is served with rice paper and vegetables and sauces (Mam Nem). People can wet the rice paper, put in a Bo La Lot, add herbs/vegetables and roll up. Dip in special sauce (which is called Mam Nem). You can easily find these places by the amount of smoke pouring out on to the street.
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This is another Hanoi dish. It has grilled pork with spring rolls and a variety of vegetables for cuisine taster.
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A steamed rice roll with chop-up meat that is popular for breakfast and is more of a Hanoi cuisine.
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To change the taste – there is a rare goat meat dish found in Hoa Lu, a city in Ninh Binh province. And in HCMC, you can find Goat Hotpot in District 8, usually in Trung Son Area.
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If you are in Phu Quoc or Châu Đốc, try Bún Kèn. It is a fish-broth (of sorts) poured over rice noodles and topped with grated papaya, herbs & sprouts.


Very easy to find is the Nuoc mia (sugarcane juice) stands. It is good for your teeth due to the fresh pressed minerals. Sometimes Nuoc Mia stands will also sell with Cam Vat (fresh squeezed orange juice) and several other juices.
Another favorite drink option given the amount of fruits in Vietnam is the Sinh To (smoothies).
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Some couple food words can come in handy in case you pay a visit to Vietnam. Here are words that you’ll see over and over.
Bánh (in a food setting, you should infer that you are getting a flour/starch-based item that is being cooked in some manner, whether that be a noodle, a cake, a turnover, bread or something else)
Thit (meat),
Bò (beef),
Gà (chicken),
Cá (fish),
Heo & Lợn (pig),
Chó (dog)
Cơm (rice) or Cơm tấm (broken rice)
Bún (rice noodle),
Xào (stir-fried/sauteed),
Mì (egg noodle)
Kho (braised), Chiên (fried)
Nướng (grilled/roasted),
Cà phê (coffee),
Bia (beer) [Bia Hơi also],
Nước Uống (drinking (uống) water (nước))
Trà (tea)
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