Fruit Juices, Smoothies & Can’t Miss Classics In Vietnam

Vietnam is a paradise of both interesting and odd fruit juices along with fruit smoothies and whatever else is all the rage. There are some juice in Saigon, Vietnam that is gritty, full of unique character and blend perfectly with the city’s vibe. Followings are some famous but familiar fruit juices and even smoothies combinations you must try when visiting Vietnam.

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Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Fruit Juices And Similar Drinks In Vietnam 

Nước Mía (Nuoc Mia) – Sugarcane Juice

Foreigners can find difficult when pronouncing the word “Nước mía”. Visitors have to pay about 15,000VND (.75USD) in the touristy areas but they can be charged only 5,000 VND (.25USD) for a glass of crushed sugar cane if they are away from the tourist “clutter”. Sugar cane juice is suitable for people with diabetes because of its low glycemic index; it also contains trace minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Especially, impressively, many studies showed fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice is linked to the prevention of cavities. The outcomes of a recent University of Sydney study support the hypothesis that the chewing of sugarcane is associated with reduced risk of dental caries.

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Many visitors have found that sugar cane juice is a delightfully refreshing and economical beverage in Vietnam. Unlike sugar-water, sugar cane juice has much more body, a vegetal presence, and a smooth, silky texture. Vietnamese claim that there is the difference between ways of drinking sugar cane, if you drink it right away, it is quite concentrated. Nevertheless, if you let the ice melt in the Vietnamese heat, it will be a very well balanced drink. Highly Recommended.

Cam Vắt (Cam Vat) – Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Many travelers want to utter something that they hope sounds close to the Vietnamese sing-song code of intonation-heavy pronunciations and order a Cam vat when looking for some beverages in Vietnam. After ten minutes of work by the sweet, old lady, the orange drink which is silky smooth, and sweet will get on your hands. Sometimes it seems like this one was not 100% squeezed orange juice, but it is excellent whatever happened. Cam vat is just a very fresh, hand-crafted, light-weighted pop of orange-tinged delight. Highly Recommended.

Rau Má (Rau Ma) – Pennywort Juice

Pennywort, also called coinwort and gotu kola, is a perennial plant that prefers moist conditions and thus thrives near marshes and other wetlands.

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

 The plant has many different health benefits. “In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is recommended for treatment of mental disorders, immune system deficiencies, circulatory problems, skin conditions, liver ailments, epilepsy, asthma and bronchitis, hair loss, tetanus, inflammation, rheumatism, and intestinal complaints. In Chinese medicine, gotu kola is regarded as the primary herb for promoting longevity. Its use is traced to LiChing Yun, a legendary healer who is said to have lived 256 years as a result of drinking gotu kola tea. In Western medicine, gotu kola is acknowledged to have value in strengthening the blood vessels and thereby improving circulation, in combating stress/depression/fatigue, in decreasing inflammation, in healing wounds and burns, and in treating rheumatism and intestinal and urinary disorders. It is regarded as particularly valuable in promoting circulation, healing, and positive attitude in the bedridden. In India, gotu kola is considered “the herb of enlightenment” and is sometimes burned in incense prior to meditation. It is thought to have great value in supporting spiritual practices by improving meditation, promoting clear dreams, and enhancing past life recall. It is regarded as useful in developing the crown chakra and in balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.”

The pennywort juice (rau ma) consists of pennywort leaves, some ice and sugar. The flavor notes are vegetal and yeasty with a hint of vanilla. If you were doing wheatgrass shakes back home and needed a fix, the rau ma your substitute in Vietnam. Highly recommended to try due to it healthy and interesting flavor.

Nước Chanh (Nuoc Chanh) – Limeade (Limes Are Called Lemons)

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

You will see “Lemon Juice” as a common option on the menu of most restaurant or even street vendors in Vietnam due to its refreshing notes. The ingredients of nuoc chanh (lemon juice) are quite simple, plain lemon juice, some sugar, ice, some squeezed limes and a pinch of salt (optional). Highly Recommended.

Trà Chanh (Tra Chanh) – Iced Tea With Citrus

Trà Chanh, as it turned out today is iced tea with citrus in Vietnam. Most say it is iced tea with lemon, but in this situation, you are treated to something a little different, calamondin (perhaps it is called cây tắc in Vietnamese).

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

 Calamondin (aka calamansi) is a citrus fruit that has derived from a kumquat, but whereas a kumquat is sweet, calamondin’s fruit is quite acidic. Both of them have a great flavor. In any case, when it is added to the tannic tea, which was very similar to an oolong, and the sweet of sugar, you then have a very nice counter balance was achieved. The Tra chanh started sour (invariably from the calamondin), progressed to sweet and ended with a nice tannic finish (oolong-like tea). This well-crafted specialty made for a nice change from the much more modest, albeit refreshing, tra da. Highly Recommended.

Nước Ép Dưa Hấu (Nuoc Ep Dua Hau)– Watermelon Juice

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Not much to say that watermelon juice tastes like watermelon. It is a good choice for refreshment in the hot Saigon heat. Highly Recommended for watermelon addicts.

Fruit Smoothie (Sinh Tố) Combinations In Vietnam

According to your best guess based on flavor, texture, and observation, the fruit smoothie in Vietnam is made with fresh fruits and a mixture of ice, condensed milk and as needed, a splash or two of sugar. Usually, you begin with one fruit smoothie, add a second one and then completely fell off the wagon with a severe addiction. Followings are some experimentation you can try:

Plain Banana Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

If you want to find a newly turgid digestive system, the classic banana will help clamp things down. And if you want to get wild, you can mix it with chocolate. Highly recommended.

Avocado Smoothie (Sinh Tố Bơ)

The avocado is regarded as a drink in Vietnam, given its popularity as a perfect combination to pair with condensed milk. The French introduced the avocado, but it has never really been a popular crop.

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

 The texture of the avocado smoothie is silky, and when being paired with condensed milk, the avocado’s flavor is highlighted in a very pronounced manner. As the drink warms, the notes become more vegetal and less refreshing. However, when it is cold, it may be a nice drink for the avocado-addicted people. More especially, the taste of avocado will be interesting if it is paired very well with other ingredients. Conclusion: Highly recommend to enjoy it as a combination.

Strawberry-Avocado Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

This is an interesting mixture of two types of nutritious fruits. The avocado has a great smooth body and those characteristic unmistakable base notes. You can add strawberries to  avocados ratio of 2:1, some sugar and a touch of lemon extract to have a right and standard formula for a glass of tasty smoothie.

Dragonfruit (Red Flesh) And Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

The combination of dragon fruit and strawberry fruit, in theory, seems to be interesting, but the taste of it, in reality, is something odd to some people. It looks like an exotic treat because a right combination of the dragon fruit’s flavor profile is extremely soft and delicate and washed out easily. If the strawberry has a strong flavor, it masks the dragon fruit or if the strawberry has a mild flavor, then neither the dragon fruit or strawberry carries the drink, the smoothie tastes like a dude.

Passion Fruit Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Passion fruit has a strong flavor profile alongside a snap of acidity. The acidity in passion fruit comes mostly from citric acid. However, approximately 15% of the edible section is contained of sugars, which helps temper things nicely. The black flecks are seeds which can be removed before making the smoothie. However, the seeds do deliver a healthy dose of fiber, as well as magnesium and antioxidants. If you do not want seeds, write “không hạt” (“no seeds”) and show it to the juiceman. Recommended with reservations.

Mango + Passion Fruit Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

The aroma and intense flavour of the passion fruit pairs very well with the creamy, sweet, full-bodied and smooth-textured mango. The shortfall in the sugar-acid balance is adjusted with the sweetened condensed milk and additional sugar. This is an excellent choice.

Banana + Passion Fruit Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Mango is slightly acidic, so is the banana. Moreover, the flesh of both banana and mango is soft and creamy. Mixing mango and banana is such a great combination. Conclusion: Highly Recommended.

Strawberry Soursop Fruit Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

Soursop has a creamy mouth feel with little acidic note included and it is delicate and interesting in anycase. But the combination of strawberry and soursop blows both of them. In this case, I would not recommend you this one. There are a lot of the fruit in Vietnam has lower acidity and lacks flavor so mixing anything delicate with the smoothie ingredients can lead to a washed out drink.

Strawberry Melon Fruit Smoothie

Vietnam Travel Experience - VN fruit juices and smoothies

"Is there any combination of strawberry?” The Juiceman suggests strawberry-melon. It sounds weird and is it an odd pairing? It is hard to know if the melon is like a honeydew, a cantaloupe or a hundred other things because the term “melon” is generic. However, it is a bit of a miss. A plain strawberry is better than a mix.