Transportation in Vietnam


It takes about 20 minutes by car from SGN to downtown Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and even up to an hour at rush “hour”.
Note: before exiting to the outside of the airport, note that there are ATMs past customs. However, in case you just need smaller chance than what it distributes, ask a money changing booth in the same place. Moreover, if you would like to avoid the ridiculous fees of the Chase Bank ATM, you can walk through to the Domestic Terminal (out and to the right from International) to use various Vietnamese bank ATMs there.
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Cheapest Method From SGN Airport To Centre Of Ho Chi Minh City

Moreover, there is the cheapest way on transport from SGN airport to central HCMC. If you are departing between 05:45 am and 18:00 pm (check the schedule to ensure these times have not been changed), would be to jump on Bus No.152 (departs about every 15minutes ) at the SGN Airport (a map of the entire network is here). Then you need to find the bus go right after leaving the international terminal or a right when you exit the domestic terminal and cross the street to the island). It brings you to Ben Thanh Market (not the end of the Route – the guide in the next paragraph), the old and famous market in the District 1 zone. The rate in May 2017 was 6.000Vnd. Moreover, if you have a giant backpacker bag, they will charge you as if it is an added person ticket  (which it is, I suppose).

Best Value Method From SGN Airport To Center Of Ho Chi Minh City

The next method is catching the Route 109 bus. This is the best value if you get a bus that can take bigger luggage, is air-conditioned, has WiFi and an attendant who has a higher chance of speaking English. The bus Route 109 goes to the bus station and then heads to the Backpacker area. The price is 20,000VND and runs from 05:30 to 01:30.

Easiest Modern Method From SGN Airport To Center Of Ho Chi Minh City

Otherwise, you can use the Grab or Uber App to hail a car which currently is pretty cheaper than a taxi and avoids the nonsense that taxi drivers can put you through.

Easiest Traditional Method From SGN Airport To Center Of Ho Chi Minh City

To the center of the city, you also can catch a taxi (which, if you are heading to D1/downtown should not be over $8Usd – approximately 160,000Vnd). Find an official uniformed representative in the airport or a representative/dispatcher past the cabs lines for VinaSun or Mai Linh taxi (go out of airport and head to the left), then ask them to get you one of cabs if one is not waiting already. (If you want, you can just write down your address and then give it to dispatcher whom will yell it to the driver and give you a card). Vina Sun is higher recommended.
Unlike in elsewhere in the world, there is not any requirement that you must take the “next” taxi in line, as well as you no need to go through the taxi queue. Make sure that you use the meter or agree to a fair fixed price if not  (but if its Mai Linh or Vina Sun, odds are they will use the meter). My taxi rides between the airport and District 1 come from 130,000Vnd 150,000Vnd.
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It is around 45 minutes from HAN Airport to the Hanoi Central.
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Shared Van From Hanoi Airport To Downtown Hanoi

You can use a shared van (Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, etc.) for ~$2 USD but you have to wait there until its filled. Then one is the Vietnamese Airlines shuttle which drops you off at the Vietnam Airlines office in Hanoi that is a bit South of the Old Quarter. From there, you have a 2km (1mi) walk or a short taxi ride.

Taxi From Hanoi Airport To Downtown Hanoi

Method 2: Taxi. The official HAN taxi companies are Dai Nam Taxi, Viet Thanh Taxi, Noi Bai Taxi, and the reliable names are Mai Linh and TaxiGroup. However, in whatever case, ensure that the taxi is marked. Just make sure you are paying a fixed fee (not the meter – it will be higher) and ask for the smallest car due to if you get in a larger car, they fixed price you agreed upon might have been for the small car. Furthermore, you do not need to pay tolls or tip. Should note the ride from the city to the airport be around 40% less. To from the airport to the city, expect something in the $15-$25 range.

Prearranged Car From Hanoi Airport To Downtown Hanoi

For about the same price with less hassle, pre-arrange pickup with a company or your hotel typically is Han Taxi which has an accurate price list on their site for a car. It is close to what a cab would be. Another good recommendations company is Hanoi Airport Transfer. Both of these companies are charging for the car which, for the cheapest car, is for 3 or 4 seats.

Cheapest Method From Hanoi Airport To Centre Of Hanoi

Firstly, take the local bus, go out of the terminal, head right. Secondly, walk over the shared minivans and look in a lot to your left. Then you can catch the Bus #7 or Bus #17. Recently, I still the Bus #17 terminated a long walk or 30.000vnd motor ride North from the Old Quarter. They may have made the route better.


Outside the airport, flag a taxi. It should be approximately 5USD to come to central of Hoi An and should be about 8USD to the beach resorts. Besides, Hoi An is less than 40 minutes away and can be reached via regular taxi for about 20USD or motorbike taxi for about 10USD.
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Besides the drivers and renting taxis or the like, there are motorbike taxis called “Xe ôm” (“say-ohm”) in Vietnam as well whereby you jump on the back of the motorcycle and go. The price will be negotiable, and obviously, you should be prepared to negotiate like a wily fox in Vietnam. Moreover, you can use the Grab or Uber app and chose Grap or Uber Bike
Also, in the cities or between cities and towns, there is an extensive bus network. However, you need to find out which station services for each location. For instance, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)’s Mien Tay (West Station) services Cambodia whereas Mien Dong (East Station) serves points North.
Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar services intra-country flights amongst other smaller players. For elsewhere, you need to fly such as fly from HCMC to Con Dao (SGN-VCS) on Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO). Several times, it is better to purchase the tickets from travel agencies or official agencies in the cities rather than to buy online.
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Vietnam Railway offers train service between Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and points in the far North. Slower at times but it is safer and has more room than going via bus. It takes about 36 hours traveling from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) to Hanoi. Sleeper cars are available, and they do the job.
This is an affordable way to travel around the country (if you are not pressed for time). When you factor in late flights (specialize in Vietnamese airlines) and all the rest of the flying experience, the rail option seems to be better. For more specifics than I should ever hope to write, here is a great resource on train travel throughout Vietnam.


It is more convenient for traveler to visit Cambodia, China, and Laos overland either by a hardcore 24-hour bus (or van/train) ride out of Hanoi or via flights (not cheap out of Vietnam).
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