Travel Facts when Travelling In Vietnam


  • The answer is yes as long as you are not off in the boondocks. In many parts of the world, younger people are typically going to have higher English proficiency than the older generations, especially, places more tourists. However, it is always good (and respectful) to know keywords in the native language when traveling.

Vietnam Countryside - Vietnam travel - Vietnam Visa On Arrival And Vietnam Visa Online IS THE WATER SAFE TO DRINK IN VIETNAM?

  • Many tourists say that it is not advisable to drink the tap water when visiting Vietnam tourists want to teach their immune system something new. Some others who have traveled here, and they were okay with the tap water as well. However, then there are the online anecdotes which say otherwise. As a result, if the schedule of travelers is tight, just buy bottled water. If tourists have a weak stomach, buy bottled water. If they are going to be in the country for a while and want to shoot for the stars, go for it. No matter whether tourists want to drink it or not, they can safely use it to brush their teeth, and that will be a relatively benign way to start building their tolerance.


  • Vietnam Dong (VND). See conversion. Vietnam accepts USD, but payment should be made in VND (it is illegal for a vendor not to accept VND although recourse is probably not very strong). Vendors who accept USD are probably not giving tourists a good rate for it. Therefore, in any country, it is almost always better to pay in local currency. Ask first (how much and what currency) if tourists are not sure to clear all possibilities of confusion or scams. Also, sometimes vendors will strip off the thousands (e.g. say 25 dong which really means 25,000 dongs). According to, worn bills might not be accepted and when paying for something. Tourists are also advised to make eye contact and give the money to the vendor with tow hands as showing the respect, but this is really unnecessary. Lastly, credit cards could incur a 3-4% charge by the vendor.
  • There are also warning floating around the internet about ATMs. While it is true that many ATMs have a cap of 1,000,000VND; 2,000,000VND or 5,000,000VND, tourists can get around the limit in some ways. First, if there is more than one ATM, just use a different machine. Second, visitors can use the same machine twice with the same card, so it seems like a transactional limitation and not a daily one although it could vary from many banks. Third, travelers can use two different cards if they have them.

ATM - Vietnam Visa On Arrival And Vietnam Visa Online OTHER TIPS ABOUT VIETNAM

  • Foreigners should not show anger in public or during negotiations. Tourist should prepare to be asked odd questions about themselves, especially from students who are trying to learn English from native speakers. It is advisable to have a calculator or phone to display numbers if tourists are negotiating or bargaining without using English. Finally, certain websites (like Facebook, YouTube, etc.) can be intermittently blocked from access if accessing them through a Vietnamese IP.
  • To get mobile phone service, tourists can find the cell phone store, roadside stand (coffee shops, corner stores usually sell them) or the post office. In Vietnam, there are different shops charge different rates for the starter SIM card. Inquire the vendor to turn data on, clarify how much the SIM Card is and how much value comes loaded on it. If tourists have a phone with a nano-size SIM (e.g. iPhone 5, Moto X,…), make sure the SIM can be cut down. The phone stores are better equipped to cut down sim-cards than the coffee shops. Vietnam is also cracking down on getting sim cards with no ID.

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