Vietnamese Culture

Vietnam spent 1,000 years under Chinese control and it had left a significant influence on the country in every aspects. In the 10th Century, Vietnam gained independence from China and began to extend its territory to the Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam and two areas of the Khmer Empire in the south. The arrival of European countries, and finally the colonization by the French added even more affects. The Communist government of Ho Chi Minh planned to minimize any external influences, yet the increase of tourism has seen that stance relaxed.

The beauty of Vietnam through the beautiful landscapes, the tasteful, delicious and special cuisines through out the whole country plus the diversity of cultures in different parts of Vietnam have long been the apple of near and far tourist all over the globe. And with the present of Vietnam Visa on arrival AKA Vietnam Online Visa or e-Visa, foreign friends are now able to gain the accessibility to Vietnam easily. People can check out our service – GREENVISA.IO – a government registered firm, which is a reliable address that meets all of customer’s demands with the following  link: Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track – Greenvisa Vietnam culture - Vietnam Visa On Arrival And Vietnam Visa Online The guys from Greenvisa try their best to show travelers to every aspect of Vietnamese lifestyle. The value of family and respect for older people are extremely crucial in Vietnamese everyday life. In villages, every family member, from the youngest to the oldest are expected to live together. Marriage ceremonies and funerals have a fix routine, the second often lasting nearly a week. Vietnam culture - Vietnam Visa On Arrival And Vietnam Visa Online There are plenty of factors to Vietnamese customs and traditions:

  • Religion means basically Buddhism even though Taoism is important with temples throughout the Country presenting Taoist images. It is a characteristic of lifestyle that a lot of Vietnamese are inspired by ancestor and custom as well so Buddhism is not even close to be dominant in Vietnam.
  • Visual Arts involve works going back to the times when the country was under control. Also, there are Champa and French examples while current Vietnamese lacquer work is popular with visitors on Vietnam holiday and people who have never been to the country.
  • Literature consists of folk tales and written literature. There are many myths and legends in Vietnam, some of them support the national description for some casual events. There are more than ten centuries of written Vietnamese literature of recent works emphasizing realism and aspects of ordinary life where once they were about war and heroism.
  • Silk paintings are on display in the National Museum of Fine Arts; people can buy them in galleries and they can be differentiated from those of China, Japan, or Korea by the usage of color.
  • Woodblock prints are a third type of visual art.
  • Penmanship maintains its popularity with the local who often seek a wall-hanging on important events.

Vietnam culture - Vietnam Visa On Arrival And Vietnam Visa Online Music is incredibly preferred in Vietnam. It changes by region, so if you are interested in music, you should find an opportunity to listen to the classic music in the North, starting from the Mongols, the music created during the Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam or the livelier music of the South area. Theater can be found in many forms including the famous water puppets as far back as the 10th Century in the northern area. The stories are traditional, and after a spell where water puppetry was at risk of disappearing, the Vietnamese Government stepped in, realizing its cultural importance. Opera (Hat Tuong) had its roots from China and was initially restricted to the royal courts before becoming highly popular. Hat Cheo is satirical including music along with dance. It is generally performed in the open air and often by semi-amateur performers. Cai Luong is more modern, this kind of folk opera is more popular in the South of the country. Vietnam culture - Vietnam Visa On Arrival And Vietnam Visa Online During Vietnam holidays, there are various kinds of dance in each area. Each ethnic group has its own traditional dance, and Vietnam has more than 50 such groups in total. There are countless festivals, and those traditional dances will certainly be performed at some point. Some sophisticated dances developed in the royal court and required a lot of skills.

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