What To Buy & Try In Vietnam

The beauty of Vietnam through the beautiful landscapes, the tasteful, delicious and special cuisines through out the whole country plus the diversity of cultures in different parts of Vietnam have long been the apple of near and far tourist all over the globe. And with the present of Vietnam Visa on arrival AKA Vietnam Online Visa or e-Visa, foreign friends are now able to gain the accessibility to Vietnam easily. Check out our visa service at Greenvisa to get a legal Vietnam visa.

Located in the tropical zone, Vietnam has a variety of fruits which are worth trying. The best season to try Vietnamese fruit is during the rainy season. The mangosteen (a fruit that blends many interesting fruit like flavours and it is called “Măng cụt” in Vietnamese – grown in Southern Vietnam and is primarily in season during May, June, July, and August), the durian (an odorous fruit with a distinctive taste, “Sầu riêng” in Vietnamese), thien ly flowers (if you are visiting Vietnam in the summer and have a kitchen and can use them in a saute), lotus root (a cross-sectioned stem cooked a variety of ways, “củ sen” in Vietnamese), and star apples (Vú sữa in Vietnamese, and in the most intriguing descriptions, people somehow will compare with breast milk).

Vietnam Travel Experience - What To Buy & Try In Vietnam

Vietnamese Fruit - Vietnam Travel Experience

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Apart from the regular tourist stuff that everyone tells you about, Vietnam has very great brooms, great dusters, great scissors, great totes and delicious fish sauce. More traditionally, tourists like getting shirts tailored; shoe custom made and all kinds of products like bags for good prices. Dung Tailor (on 221 Le Thanh Ton) is quite famous for its tailored-made products in HCMC. However, their deadlines are often blown, and the quality is certainly not the same as NYC-bespoke level. Tourist should carefully inspect the work before purchasing a product there.

Massimo Ferrari has some interesting things, but most of their products have the price which is over the quality. The UN Heritage listed town of Hoi An as a place which has a significant amount of custom tailors. Due to the diversity of products and its affordable price, tourists also need to know what they are doing. Otherwise, they can end up with a mess after exploring the town. Some visitors said that they sometimes are hassled in Hoi An, this town is an alternative place for those who want to avoid the bustle and noisy atmosphere of HCMC. Customized bathing suits, bikini, for example, was an attractive, customizable option in Hoi An.

Tourists can easily find many exciting markets in Ho Chi Minh City for purchase, the well-known Ben Thanh Market, Binh Tay Market (Chinatown) has some foodstuffs and fabrics but seems geared toward large bulk quantities. Pham Van Hai Market is an ideal place shopping addicts. The Tan Dinh market, along with some stands outside, is the place to go if tourists are looking for fabrics which they can then bring to a custom tailor.

Vietnam Travel Experience - What To Buy & Try In Vietnam

Vietnam has provinces which are famous for producing fish sauces, especially Phu Quoc Island (Phu Quoc also grows high-quality pepper corns). Not many people might see this as a great gift, but it is to anyone actually love cooking. However, remember that Vietnam Airlines will confiscate fish sauce if they find it in the luggage of passengers.