Vietnam Visa Guide

How to apply for a visa to Vietnam

A legal visa is demanded for almost foreigners coming to Vietnam. Currently, getting a Vietnam visa has turned out to be much easier than in the past with three available options: arrange your Vietnam visa in advance through the Vietnam Embassy in your nation, obtain an on arrival visa Vietnam (VOA Vietnam) or apply for Vietnam evisa.

Option 1: Getting visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate

First of all, you should directly contact the closest Vietnam Embassy to get more specific details about the Vietnam Embassy visa fee and procedure because each embassy will charge you different fees and require different methods of processing. Also, the fee for visa stamping fee Vietnam is non-refundable.

Vietnam visa required documents you need to prepare:

  • The original passport or copy of passport (for loose-leaf visa request)
  • The Vietnam visa application form with signature and photo attached
  • Photos taken within 6 months from the application date
  • Cash for visa fee and one new envelope with a stamp on it as well as your exact address to stay away from losing issues.
  • Other forms if the embassy requires
  • All these documents must be sent at the same period and directly in person or via postal mail to the embassy. The Vietnam Embassy visa application form won't be valid if any of your requirements is missed. In some particular circumstances, you need to have a representative to apply for you.

    You can request a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in person, by post or mail and apply for a visa up to six months in advance of arrival in Vietnam.

    Option 2: Getting visa Vietnam on arrival (VOA)

    In order to get a VOA Vietnam, you can use Greenvisa's service to get a Vietnam visa approval letter on your behalf. Within 2 working days, the approval letter will be sent to your email. After that, at the Vietnam international airport, you just need to show your passport, personal photo, an approval letter and make a payment for Vietnam visa cost, then you can receive your passport back with the full visa stamp inside.

    You can find some positive aspects when applying for Vietnam VOA such as:

  • The processing time of  VOA is way faster than the embassy visa's one
  • Its fees are cheaper than obtaining visa in advance
  • Its procedure is simpler than getting visa at the embassy
  • Please keep in mind that the visa Vietnam on arrival method is not available for every nationality around the world and only applicable for those traveling to Vietnam by air. People who are in one of these cases will not be eligible for visa on arrival Vietnam:

  • Whose nationality is not approved for VOA Vietnam visa
  • Who want to visit Vietnam by land or sea
  • Who want to get a fully stamped visa before getting on the plane
  • In case travelers decide to go for visa Vietnam on arrival, they should bear in mind that we also offer some extra services at the airport to help them feel more comfortable after a long flight and do not have to queue at the Visa on arrival counter to get their visa stamped.

    Option 3: Applying for Vietnam evisa

    This kind of visa is only applicable to 40 countries mentioned in the list, other countries which are not named in the list must apply for a Vietnam visa through the embassy or visa on arrival with Greenvisa service.

     Requirements for Vietnam evisa

  • A passport which has a validity of at least six months.
  • Two recently taken photos with the standard-passport size
  • The e-visa application must be filled with accurate details. Any mistake can lead the visa to be rejected in last minutes.
  • A valid email address for receiving the e-visa file and a credit card for application fees.
  • To request a Vietnam e-visa, you first need to submit your personal details to our supported email [email protected] After that, we will send an email with detailed information about the fee as well as how to make a payment. When your payment is already done, we will start processing your visa request. Within 3-5 days, you will receive the evisa Vietnam via email.

    Finally, when you arrive in Vietnam, you can choose to either present your printed Vietnam evisa or show the visa code to the Immigration officer for verification. However, we advise that you should bring both of them to prevent any unwanted problem.

    Common mistakes you may get when applying for a Vietnam visa

    Spelling mistakes

    As we had experience, some travelers constantly forgot writing their complete name when filling in the Vietnam visa online application form. You need to keep in mind that you are required to write your full name which is exactly the same written in your passport.

    Select the incorrect nationality

    You must write your nationality precisely. As soon as your application is effective, you should check carefully all your info in the confirmation letter which is sent to your registered email. In case you spot anything inaccurate, be sure to get in touch with us straight away to correct it.

    Do not check entry and exit date

    In many situations, foreigners are unable to understand correctly what 1 or 3-month single entry or multiple entries visa is. And they do not know when their visa is going to be expired. Therefore, you are advised to read thoroughly about visa types and know precisely which period of time you want.

    Travel date

    A lot of people assume that arrival date begins from the date they enter Vietnam, but this assumption is absolutely incorrect. You have to remember that your arrival date is the date you wrote on the application. You cannot enter Vietnam before this date, but you can come to Vietnam after your entry date.

    In an effort to help foreign travelers planning to pay a visit to Vietnam avoid getting confused by all these information, our team at has together researched and compiled a constantly updated guideline for people to make a reference before making any decision related to visa for Vietnam.

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