List Of 40 Countries Whose Residents Are Legitimate To Apply For Vietnam E-Visa

Vietnam e-visa is a new visa type that has launched since February 2017. This convenient portal visa system can promote both tourism and business sector in the economy by reducing the inconvenience relating to the complicated process of getting visa at the Embassy of Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Guide - List Of 40 Countries Whose Residents Are Legitimate To Apply For Vietnam E-Visa

Vietnam evisa for 30 days, single entry starts in February 1st 2017

In early 2017, Vietnam launched e-visa for travelers from only 40 countries through digital transactions. This visa pilot plan lasts for two years, beginning from February 1st, 2017. Please keep in mind that the validity of e visa to Vietnam is no longer than 30 days and only applicable for single entry.

Evisa Vietnam can be requested at the official website which is confirmed by Vietnam Ministry of culture, sport and tourism: Travelers applying for e-visa can arrive at any of 8 international airports in Vietnam including Ha Noi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Also, you are able to arrive through land at 13 intercontinental border gates and by sea at 7 ports across the country as well.

Here are the list of 40 countries whose residents are permitted to apply for Vietnam e-visa online:

1. Azerbaijan

9. South Korea

17. Hungary

25. Japan

33. Romania

2. Argentina

10. Germany

18. Greece

26. Panama

34. Spain

3. Armenia

11. Chile

19. Italy

27. Peru

35. Sweden

4. Ireland

12. Colombia

20. Kazakhstan

28. Finland

36. China (Not applicable for Chinese E-passport holders)

5. Poland

13. Czech Republic

21. Russia

29. France

37. Uruguay

6. Belarus

14. Cuba

22. United Kingdom

30. The Philippines

38. Venezuela

7. Bulgaria

15. Denmark

23. Luxembourg

31. Timor-Leste

39. Norway

8. Brunei

16. The United States of America

24. Mongolia

32. Myanmar

40. Slovakia

The eligibility of e visa for Vietnam

E-visa is applicable for foreign travelers whose sole objective of coming to Vietnam is sightseeing, recreation, casual visit to meet their relatives or friends, casual business visit or short duration medical treatment.

Additionally, the passport must have at least 6-month validity from the arrival date and 2 blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Department.

Visa types supported by Vietnam e-visa

E-visa Vietnam assists 2 primary visa types including tourist visa and business visa.

The effect of Vietnam e visa online starts from the travel date, not from the application date. Besides, you should check the price carefully because it is different for each visa type.

How to get e-visa for Vietnam

Firstly, you need to fill out an online Vietnam e visa application form with your personal details. Next, you must pay the Vietnam visa service fee which accepts most types of credit cards. After payment, an e-visa Vietnam will be processed directly if your provided details are checked correctly and passed through.

When the approval of e-visa application has completed, the travel company you hire for e-visa service will send an e visa to Vietnam back to you via email.

Finally, you need to print out your evisa to Vietnam in PDF file from your email because the Immigration airport customs checkpoint demands verification when you arrive at Vietnam airports.

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