Visa Vietnam Online: The Best Way To Get Visa For Vietnam

Vietnam Visa Guide - Visa Vietnam Online: A Convenient Option For Those Who Want To Get A Visa For Vietnam

General information about Vietnam visa

Vietnam is a perfect destination for foreign visitors due to the glory of nature. A mandatory thing you need to do in order to visit Vietnam is to hold a valid passport and pick up the visa to go on the trip. As you know, the passport is legitimate to travel to all of the nations around the globe. However, the visa, regulations, and rules of each nation are different. Up to now, you have 2 main methods to collect visa Vietnam. You can effortlessly apply for a single or multiple entry Vietnam visa in 1 or 3 months for both tourist and business purpose by applying for visa Vietnam online (Vietnam on arrival visa) through a website of the government-registered agency like or get a Vietnam visa in advance at any Vietnam Embassy.

Visa for Vietnam online – A convenient way to get visa for Vietnam 

Nowadays, picking up a visa is more convenient and easier. The technology has been improved, and now you are able to get a visa online. The visa to Vietnam online is encouraged for those who want to get a visa in urgent situations. Moreover, obtaining this visa will also save lots of your time and money.

Vietnam Visa Guide - VOA in Vietnam – The More Economical Way For Foreigners To Get Visa To Vietnam

How to apply for a visa to Vietnam online at Greenvisa

First of all, you need to fill out a Vietnam visa online application form with some specific requirements. There are several sites like which can support you to obtain an online visa Vietnam for your trip. After completing the visa application form of Vietnam, you are able to get a Vietnam visa letter after a short period of time.

Generally, the processing time of online visa is shorter than applying for a visa at the embassy. You don't need to waste your time to visit the Vietnam Embassy directly as well as stay away from the chances of losing passport and relevant documents. However, this visa type is applicable for those who come to Vietnam by air way only. If you have a plan to visit Vietnam by other means of transport, you need to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

Advantages of visa Vietnam online

Applying for Vietnam visa online is an alternative way which can be more convenient than getting a visa at the embassy since there is no need for you to wait for about 5 operation days for visa processing. So far, Vietnam visa online is extended to citizens of 163 countries around the world. In order to get into Vietnam, citizens of these countries have to satisfy some following visa requirements for Vietnam. First, the validity of your passport must be not less than 6 months. If your passport has no empty page, the airport customs officer will issue a loose-leaf visa. Second, you need to travel to Vietnam by airway since online visa for Vietnam visa is available at only 4 international airports in Vietnam.

It is true that Vietnam visa application online is more economical than applying for a Vietnam visa at the embassy. By using visa online for Vietnam, you can minimize your time of waiting about 5 days at the Vietnam Embassy. Generally, it takes about 2 days for normal service and 1 day for urgent service.

You just need to pay a small amount of money for our Vietnam visa online service comparing to the high cost for processing visa the embassy. Because you sometimes have to pay an additional fee at the Vietnam Embassy, and that service fee is varied at each embassy.

Another advantage of visa for Vietnam online is that you don't need to send your passport or important documents via postal mail. The complete procedure is processed online instead of taking place at the Vietnam Embassy. Foreign residents living far from the embassy can hire us - Greenvisa to deal with the Vietnam Immigration Department to get them the Vietnam approval letter online.

For those who could not stay for a long period in line at the Immigration counter, you can choose our Vietnam visa fast track service to reduce the time for waiting.

If you still have questions and don't know how to apply for a visa to Vietnam online, just visit Vietnam visa guide to get more Vietnam visa info.

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