How To Apply For An E-visa Vietnam

Vietnam approved a two-year pilot program to launch an electronic visa system called e-visa at the beginning of February 2017 for travelers from 40 countries around the world. As the name of it, this new visa is applied and received via the Internet. E-visa Vietnam is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Government for foreigners wanting to visit the country. It is only used once (single entry) for 30 days of validity. The price for an evisa Vietnam is $25 which is cheaper than current options.

Vietnam evisa until now is only issued for citizens from listed countries and people whose nations do not belong to the list have to apply for other visa types if they want to visit Vietnam. Unlike visa on arrival (Vietnam VOA), Vietnam e-visa is accepted at 8 international airports, 13 international land border gates, and 7 seaports in Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Apply For An E-visa Vietnam

Sample of Vietnam E-visa

Advantages of Vietnam e-visa

E visa for Vietnam system mainly works on the Internet, so the embassy can reduce the number of face-to-face transactions which require staff from the embassy to process them manually. You can cut down document fees at the embassy including printing, transferring or submitting expenses.

With Vietnam e visa, you can reduce the time and money you spend on driving to the embassy to complete tedious and complicated procedures there. The embassy reduces the workload of the staff who daily review the application and send back passport as well as visa to a number of applicants. E-visa system works and supports you 24/7.

Meanwhile, nations issuing e-visa can generate more income thank to visa processing fees. The convenience of this portal visa brings an enormous number of visitors which stimulate business and tourism sector for the economies granting it.

E-visa Vietnam’s drawbacks

However, this new visa still comes with some major disadvantages:

  • You only know whether or not your application is approved after 3 days of processing, and you could not receive an urgent visa if your departure time is just a few hours ahead.
  • Your visa fees will not be refunded if your Vietnam e visa application is declined.
  • Your Vietnam visa is only accepted and valid for 30 days with a single entry.
  • You cannot extend your Vietnam visa once your visa is expired.

  • In case you still have questions about visa to Vietnam, just visit Vietnam visa guide to get more details and information about visa fee Vietnam, visa types, etc.

    Requirements of e visa for Vietnam

  • A passport which has a validity of at least six months.
  • 2 recently taken photos with the standard-passport size (it must clearly show your full face, eyes open without glasses on the background of plain light colored or white).
  • The e-visa application must be filled with accurate details. Any small mistake can lead the visa to be rejected in last minutes.
  • A valid email address for receiving the e-visa file and a credit card for application fees.
  • How can you apply for a Vietnam e visa?

    Travelers can ask for more information about Vietnam e-visa application by getting access to this site: [email protected] 

    Firstly, you need to complete a Vietnam e-visa application online by entering exactly your personal information.

    Secondly, you are required to upload the recently taken passport-sized photo and a copy of origin passport. Please remember that the copy should be a scan of the page which includes your personal information.

    Thirdly, if your submission and payment are successful, you will get an e-visa via your email in the next 3 days.

    Finally, you need to print out the e-visa to check in at departure and arrival airports.

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