Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vietnam VOA

Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam VOA) background

After a lot of analysis and amendment to simplify the process of applying and issuing visa, visa on arrival for Vietnam was born and considered the most innovational visa policy in Vietnam. Besides many great advantages this new visa brings to the country and citizens, it also comes with disadvantages to foreign travelers.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vietnam VOA

Sample of Vietnam visa stamped onto passport

Vietnam visa on arrival is a legitimate document which is officially issued by the Immigration Department for travelers wishing to enter Vietnam. Visa Vietnam on arrival is only picked up at one of the three International airports in Vietnam and travelers do not have to visit the Vietnam Embassy directly to obtain their visa.

To get a visa for Vietnam on arrival (Vietnam visa online), applicants need to submit their application online to receive an approval letter and get their visa stamped at the arrival airport. The procedures for getting a Vietnam VOA are straightforward and easy, but it requires travelers to hire a third party to do this. These agencies are authorized by the Vietnamese Immigration Department to submit and process the visa on arrival for foreign visitors around the world.

On arrival visa Vietnam is an online visa because most of the transactions for applying are completely conducted on the Internet. To get started with these digital transactions, visitors need to complete an online visa application by entering their personal information and all of them are required to be the most accurate. Also in this stage, applicants need to pay fees for the visa service. Next, if the application is approved, applicants will receive an approval letter from the Immigration Department via the travel agency they employ. Travelers will not obtain their visa online Vietnam until they arrive at the International airport in Vietnam. After that, travelers are demanded to present all of their essential documents to the Immigration officers, pay the stamping fee and wait about 15 minutes to get a Vietnam visa.In case you want to get more info about Vietnam visa on arrival cost, you can click the button below.

Advantages of VOA Vietnam visa

With the purpose of facilitating the visa policy, VOA in Vietnam offers numerous benefits for both government and its applicants. First, as the name of it, visa on arrival will be obtained right at the arrival airport and the process of getting it is straightforward and easy. The whole procedure is implemented online with three simple steps including registering an online application, making the payment, receiving an approval letter by email. The applying process is quicker than the traditional method because the processing time just lasts 2 days and even just 4 hours for super urgent cases. By this, it helps travelers save a lot of time and money.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vietnam VOA

In addition, travelers do not need to drive to the embassy to complete tedious and complicated procedures there. The visa for Vietnam issued at the embassy takes at least 5 days to be processed, and applicants may have to come there more than one time if there is any error in the application or documents. With Vietnam visa on arrival, travelers just need to stay at home or anywhere else to conduct online transactions of applying for a Vietnam visa.

Moreover, the staff from the agency travelers hire will always support their customer with unexpected problems at the airport. Finally, the online process does not require applicants to send their passport by post or mail, so there will be no risk of losing important documents while they are being transferred.

Disadvantages of visa on arrival for Vietnam

Together with great advantages, Vietnam on arrival visa also contains several drawbacks. VOA Vietnamese is applicable for those moving by airplane only. Hence, travelers choosing to come to Vietnam through the border or seaport need to apply for another option. Besides, due to a big number of applicants queuing at the airport, the tourist may have to wait up to one hour to get their visa stamped. Finally, the VOA approval letter is usually processed on a group. Thus, some applicants sometimes might find the name of unknown people on their approval letter.

Vietnam visa guide can provide you with some useful information and assist you in getting a visa easier. However, if you want to get on arrival visa Vietnam instantly, you can click the button below to book your visa.

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