Buying Airline Ticket Before Getting A Visa To Vietnam, Should or Should Not?

If you have a plan to travel to Vietnam, we highly recommend that you should apply for a visa to Vietnam first and book your airline ticket later since it will be safer.

However, when you request a visa for certain countries, the embassy in your country may require you to make a flight reservation. In this situation, you just need to call the booking-office, book your flight and do not need to pay the ticket. But if you are sure that you can get a visa or have an urgent task, it is possible to receive the ticket immediately.

In contrast, if you cannot totally ensure about getting a tourist visa for Vietnam, booking airline ticket can cause many problems. After the confirmation of the Vietnam Embassy about your visa, you should ask for your ticket to obtain visa. Because if you don't have the airline ticket or it is different from the ticket booked, you will not get the visa at the Vietnam Embassy.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Buying Airline Ticket Before Getting A Visa To Vietnam, Should or Should Not?

Pieces of ticket and passport

What should I do if I lose my plane ticket?

If you lose your airplane ticket, you should contact the airline immediately and fulfill a lost ticket application by giving your personal details (full name, phone number, booking and flight date). The airline will check your information and issue a replacement ticket. Generally, you need to pay some money for service charge or penalty.

Relevant notes

Some countries have strict requirements for necessary documents which sometimes take you a certain amount of time to prepare. Therefore, you should carefully check the Vietnam visa policy as well as requirements, the validity of the passport, for example. You have to make sure your passport is still valid. The Vietnam Government requires your passport to have 6-month validity if you want to get a visa to Vietnam. Important documents have a direct impact on your travel, so make sure you have a careful preparation for them to avoid unexpected problems affecting your trip.

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