Categories And Application Of Getting A Visa For Vietnam

Types of visa for Vietnam

Before visiting Vietnam, you need to get a visa for Vietnam in order to enter the country in a legal way. Depending on the purpose and duration you want to stay in Vietnam; there are several visa types available:

Vietnam tourist visa: It is applicable for a month as a multiple or single entry Vietnam visa. The maximum remaining time is just 30 days.

Vietnam business visa: It is slightly trickier. Generally, visitor's sponsor or employers will support them to obtain an official entry clearance. This type of visa is suited for multiple entries and lasts for up to one year. In case you desire to apply for a business visa for Vietnam, you need to get approval from the Vietnam Immigration Department via your sponsor. But in the event you don’t have any employer, sponsor or another business partner, then you are capable of applying for your business visa for a remain of 90 days.

Diplomatic and official visa: Foreign people do not need to pay any fee in order to apply for this visa type. However, you are required to submit a formal letter to a government office in your country.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Categories And Application Of Getting A Visa For Vietnam

How to apply for a Vietnam visa

Some nations have bilateral agreements with Vietnam enabling their residents to freely visit the country for short-term (maximum 15 days) visits. In that situation, you don’t need to get a visa for Vietnam.

However, for longer visits and business purpose, you are always required to get a Vietnam visa. Please make sure that you submit an application well before your travel. Here is the list of documents that you must provide:

  • Valid passport
  • Passport-sized personal photos
  • Application form (you can download online)
  • Application fee
  • Endorsement document granted by Vietnam Immigration Department
  • When applying for a visa, you have to submit the necessary documents, the intended number of entry, the length of time you want to remain, as well as your trip’s purpose. You can pay visa fees via mailing order or by check, and the application fee depends on the visa type you request. Besides, you are advised to visit the closest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to get more accurate information about Vietnam visa requirements.

    Visa Vietnam on arrival

    This type of visa is eligible for applicants:

  • Those who departure from a nation where there is no experienced Vietnamese visa-issuing agency
  • Travel through many countries before coming into Vietnam
  • Visit Vietnam on tours organized by an intercontinental travel company based in Vietnam
  • Foreign crew members on board vessels secured in Vietnam’s seaport desiring to exit via another border gate
  • Visit a seriously ill family member or to attend a relative’s funeral
  • Enter Vietnam to take part in emergency response, rescue or search activities, epidemic or disaster control for other special purposes at the demand of a qualified authority in Vietnam
  • Before coming into Vietnam, travelers who apply for a Vietnam VOA need to utilize for a letter granted by the Immigration or Consular Department.

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