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Having a Vietnam visa is a must for most international tourists coming to Vietnam for any purpose, from visiting their family, relatives to enjoying the holiday or going on a business trip. In an attempt to increase the number of visitors to the country, the Vietnam government makes it easier for foreigners to apply Vietnam visa with two main options.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Vietnam Visa Requirements

Foreign travelers can either choose to get an entry visa at Embassy or Consulates of Vietnam at their country or decide to make application for Vietnam on arrival visa online via a travel agency such as Greenvisa. Nevertheless, there are lots of differences between both ways when it comes to the visa application process and eligible applicants. Thus, you are highly recommended to check out the Vietnam visa requirements below to find out the most suitable way for your Vietnam visa application.

Visa requirement Vietnam for embassy/consulate visa application

Applying a visa at the Vietnam Embassy allows you to possess a Vietnam visa in advance. However, it requires some important documents required for Vietnam visa, and you must fill in visa form with your real info. You will be asked to submit:

  • A Vietnam visa application form (directly​​​​ picked at the embassy or downloaded from the embassy’s website).
  • An original passport having at least two blank pages to get visa stamp and a validity of six months from the travel date to Vietnam.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos (one is attached to the application form)
  • Vietnam visa stamping fee (varied from embassy to embassy)
  • An envelope with your address and postal fee if you want to receive your visa by post.
  • The visa processing time for acquiring Vietnam embassy visa is from 5-7 operations days. This method is rather complicated and may be unsuccessful due to missing passport or any parts of necessary Vietnam visa required documents.

    Also, applicants should bear in mind that apart from the Vietnam Embassy visa fee, you have to pay additional fees for transportation, extra paper and mail post fee if you choose to send away your original passport.

    Click here to check out the list of Vietnamese Embassies and Consulates around the world.

    Visa requirement for Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA Vietnam)

    In case your place is not near the Embassy of Vietnam, or if you just want to reduce the amount of time for getting Vietnam visa, it is a wiser choice to get visa on arrival Vietnam.

    This type of visa is basically a way of getting a Vietnam approval letter through a travel company to check in at the departure airport and get the visa stamp at the arrival airport. For foreign people living far from the Embassy of Vietnam and not wishing to send your passport away, getting a pre-arranged visa (Vietnam letter of approval) with Greenvisa is an ideal choice.

    With this visa-getting method, instead of applying for a visa directly at the embassy, you will end up getting it when landing at one of the four Vietnam international airports with a few simple online steps at home.

    You can apply for Vietnam VOA on our website - by filling in some essential information in the online Vietnam visa application form. This process can be completed at any place in the world as long as you have the Internet or wireless 3G mobile connections. You will get the confirmation email immediately to know the condition of your application. Normally, an approval letter will be sent directly to your mail within two working days. In emergency cases, we can process your visa application and handle other kinds of Vietnam visa on arrival requirements  from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

    Two primary types of visa on arrival are business visa and tourist visa. In addition, Vietnam has just allowed 163 countries to apply for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival. The maximum duration of stay for a business visa Vietnam on arrival is 12 months, and the maximum duration of stay for a tourist one is three months. The effectiveness of visa upon arrival begins from the travel date on the application form, so you need to keep in mind that it is not from the date of making the application.

    According to Vietnam visa policy, there are some Vietnam visa required documents that you need to prepare when landing at the arrival airports in Vietnam:

  • The online application form must be filled in exactly as what is shown on your passport including full name, passport number, passport expiration date, etc.
  • An original passport must have the validity which is longer or at least equal to six months and at least two blank pages
  • 2 standard-sized photos (4cm x 6cm) taken within 6 months
  • Vietnam visa on arrival stamp fee
  • In short, no matter which option you choose to apply a visa to enter Vietnam, you have to prepare all relevant documents required for Vietnam tourist visa (the same with documents required for Vietnam visa on arrival). Below are some noteworthy things that you should remember before making an application if you go along with your kids:

  • Children under 14 years old don't need to have their own application form. They are only required to provide their full name, date of birth with their parents application forms as well as 2 standard-sized photographs.
  • Children under one year old are not required to provide photos.
  • Besides travel to Vietnam visa document requirements as above, you also need to satisfy some more requirements relating to baggage, goods and products that you are obliged to or not obliged to bring along on arrival at Vietnam.

    Vietnam visa entry requirements and customs formalities in Vietnam

  • You need to complete declaration forms and present your baggage to customs officials on demand as well as the entry and customs form once you get into Vietnam.
  • All luggage, goods, and personal possessions carried to Vietnam in amounts sufficient for personal use only, and not included amongst noncommercial goods not to be imported, are free from tax.
  • You can bring limitless amounts of foreign currency, several items made of gold, silver, precious metal which have to be declared on your customs forms.
  • Your luggage must be presented at customs when departing and declared at customs office on arrival.
  • You are allowed to bring in a duty-free allowance of 200 cigarettes, 150g of tobacco or 50 cigars; 1.5l of liquor and are not permitted to bring weapons, munitions, explosives and inflammables, all kinds of firecracker, opium as well as toxic chemicals.
  •  When you decide to leave Vietnam, you are enabled to bring about 300g of gold and not allowed to bring out munitions, weapons, explosives, antiques, drugs, rare plants, live wild animals, and documents associating with the national security.

    If you have any further question regarding visa requirement to Vietnam, do not hesitate to visit Vietnam visa information for help.

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