Common Queries About Vietnam Visa

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you now can stop concerning about obtaining Vietnam visa and get back to thinking about your holiday with the useful information which Greenvisa team are about to provide below.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Common Queries About Vietnam Visa

Do I need a travel visa for Vietnam?

For most residents around the world, the answer is yes. However, the exception of this rule is the citizens of several Southeast Asian nations, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Chile, and France.

If you think you are probably exempt from Vietnam visa requirement, make sure that you carefully check with your local consulate to ensure the length of time you are able to stay in Vietnam without a visa, as this period can be changed by country.

What kind of visa do I need?

If you are going on a vacation in Vietnam, you should get a Vietnam single entry tourist visa. Its validity is for either 30 or 60 days depending on the length of time that you want to stay.

In case you visit Vietnam and have the plan to leave and re-enter this place, you are advised to select a multiple-entry tourist visa. Please keep in mind that the application processes of getting single and multiple entry visa are the same and they just differ in the price.

Where can I get a visa to Vietnam?

Up to now, there are 2 main methods to get Vietnam visa for citizens of foreign countries. You can either arrange your Vietnam visa in advance through the Vietnam Embassy in your nation or obtain an on arrival visa Vietnam (VOA).

Option 1: Getting visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate

  • This way enables you to get into Vietnam by all means of transport
  • More expensive than VOA Vietnam
  • You are not required to wait for processing on arrival visa at Vietnam airport
  • You can request a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in person, by post or mail and apply for a visa up to six months in advance of arrival in Vietnam.

    Option 2: Getting visa Vietnam on arrival (VOA)

  • An alternative way of getting visa at the Vietnam Embassy
  • You are allowed to come in Vietnam via airway only
  • Cheaper than obtaining visa before traveling
  • The procedure is simpler than getting visa at the embassy
  • In order to get a VOA, you can use Greenvisa's service to get a Vietnam visa approval letter on your behalf. After about 2 to 3 working days, the approval letter will be sent to your email. At Vietnam international airport, you just need to show your passport, personal photo, an approval letter and make a payment for Vietnam visa cost, then you can receive your passport back with the full visa inside.

    When you want to get a visa on arrival to Vietnam, you need to fill out an online application form as well as satisfy some of the Vietnam visa requirements as below:

  • A photo of your passport
  • Proposed date and time of arrival
  • Flight reference
  • Purpose of visit
  • The service fee
  • Airport of arrival
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