The Conditions Of Getting A Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa is a conditional endorsement granted to foreigners; it enables them to come in, stay or exit Vietnam. Commonly, it includes the limited duration of stay, the times they can enter and the number of accepted visits or an individual’s right to work in the country.

Generally, visa is a stamp validated in the applicants’ passport or another travel document. Applicants who want to visit Vietnam can apply for visa Vietnam personally at a consulate or embassy office, by post or online. The visa can be stamped or endorsed as a sticker in the passport or takes the form of an electronic file or a separate document of the endorsement, which visitors can print out before arriving. However, some nations do not require foreigners to have a visa for short visits.

Vietnam Visa Guide - The Conditions Of Getting Visa To Vietnam

How to get a Vietnam visa?

Nowadays, you can obtain your Vietnam visa via a travel company which is specialized in the grant of international travel documents as Our company is legalized by the Vietnam Immigration Department to represent those who are unwilling or incapable of traveling to the embassy to request a visa. Private visa and passport services assist you in meeting Vietnam visa requirements as well as charge you for the current visa fee for Vietnam to confirm supporting documents, customer applications, and submit all of them to the appropriate authority.

In the event there is no embassy or consulate in your home country, you must travel to a third nation or send your necessary documents to the embassy to apply for Vietnam visa by post. Otherwise, visas can be pre-arranged for picking up on arrival at the airport; this visa is called Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA Vietnam). The need of owning visa normally depends on the citizenship of the travelers, the designated duration of stay and your purpose of visit. These factors outline different types of visa with various issue conditions.

Some countries require the proof of health condition, especially for long-term visas. On the other hand, some reject visas of people with special illnesses. The specific conditions depend on the nationality and visa category.

Also, the issuing authority may ask you to certify that you have had no civil convictions or you do not join in certain activities. Several locations commonly demand strong proof of a purpose to come back to their country, whether the visa is for a temporary duration, due to potential unwanted illegitimate immigration.

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