Definition And Methods To Get Tourist Visa Vietnam

What is tourist visa Vietnam?

Most visitors need to get a visa if they want to take a trip to Vietnam. Vietnam visa has some different types which depend on the purpose of each visitor traveling to Vietnam. One of those is Vietnam tourist visa which people need to get in order to come to Vietnam for tourism purpose.

Since the number of tourists entering Vietnam is higher than businessmen or others, tourist visa for Vietnam (or Vietnam travel visa) is known to be the most popular one. You can check out tourist visa requirements Vietnam below to help you get a visa easily.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Definition And Methods To Get Tourist Visa Vietnam

Visa on arrival counter at the airport

What is the validity time of tourist visa to Vietnam?

In the past, tourist visa Vietnam was valid for only one month with single or multiple entries. But now, people who want to visit Vietnam for tourism purpose can get a Vietnam travel visa of one month, three months with the entry is single or multiple. You should remember that when your travel visa to Vietnam is expired, you are not allowed to stay there anymore. That means if the validity time noted in your visa is November 8th, you could only remain in Vietnam until November 8th and you have to leave the day after. In case you wish to remain longer in Vietnam, you should extend your visa. Besides, you couldn’t arrive earlier than the arrival date noted in your visa, but it’s fine if you enter Vietnam after that date.

What should I do to obtain my Vietnam travel visa?

Recently, the Government of Vietnam has eased and expedited the process of Vietnam visa application in general and travel visa for Vietnam in particular. Also, they’ve allowed visitors to apply for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival for years. This enables people who want to visit Vietnam to make the application easier than before, and as a result, the number of visitors to Vietnam has been increasing day by day.

Now, you could choose one of the two following options to get a tourist visa to Vietnam:

Option 1: Apply for visa at Vietnam embassy - the traditional way. 

Before going to the embassy to apply for Vietnam visa travel, you may get the  information and address of the closest Embassy of Vietnam in your area here. This process can take a longer length of time, more complicated procedures and in some situations, it also costs you more money comparing to other methods.

Option 2: Pick up Vietnam tourist visa on arrival - the easiest way. 

By choosing this option, you don’t need to come to the Vietnam Embassy anymore. To get a tourist visa for Vietnam, you can stay at home, just​ apply for tourist visa Vietnam on arrival and fill in the application, make an online payment, then you’ll get the visa pre-approved letter online. Finally, you will get the visa stamped when you arrive at Vietnam international airport.

What are the steps to apply for Vietnam tourist visa online?

To apply for Vietnam online tourist visa, you need to follow three steps below:

  • Choose “tourism” as your visit purpose, complete the application form online with your information (full name, nationality, date of birth, entry and exit date, passport number, phone number and contact information of email) and make a payment on the Internet.
  • After 2 days or 1 day/ 4 hours/ 1 hour depending on each case and type of service you choose, you’ll receive Vietnam visa approval letter via email; then you need to print it out.
  • When you arrive at Vietnam airports, you must present your passport, approval letter, and two personal photos in order to get visa stamped. After that, you will finally be allowed to enter Vietnam.
  • In case you want to get more information Vietnam tourist visa fee, please click here.

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