Detailed Notes Of Getting Vietnam Embassy Visa

If you come from a country that is not included in the list of nationalities qualified for Vietnam visa exemption, you will have to get a Vietnam visa when traveling to this country. One of the main methods for you to get visa to Vietnam is to apply at the Vietnam Embassy. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with the necessary information to request a Vietnam embassy visa.

In order to get a Vietnam embassy visa, you must satisfy several Vietnam visa requirements regarding personal documents below:

  • An application form with your signature and picture attached
  • Your passport or hard copy of original passport (in case you request a loose-leaf visa)
  • Some other forms if the embassy asks you to provide
  • At least two photos taken in 6 months from the date you submit the application
  • Visa policy for visitors when requesting Vietnam visa at the embassy

    You have to wait at least 1 week for the visa to be processed.

    In some cases, the Vietnam Embassy will request for more document or interview the applicant. If you cannot come to the interview, the Vietnam embassy visa application will soon be postponed or extended. Moreover, if it isn't for personal purposes, other requests for importunate visa would not be issued. Keep in mind that the embassy will not answer anything relating to the visa process.

    The visa expiration is 30 days or 90 days depending on the type of visa and starts from the arrival date, not the date they submit the application. After this period, the visa will be invalid, and you cannot enter Vietnam.

    Vietnam Vis Guide - Detailed Notes Of Getting Vietnam Embassy Visa

    Advantages and disadvantages of getting Vietnam embassy visa


  • You can acquire a visa stamp onto your passport before boarding the plane.
  • The procedures of getting a visa are directly arranged through the Embassy of Vietnam in your country.
  • Disadvantage

  • Different procedures and fees for Vietnam visa at each embassy
  • You need to drive to the closest Vietnam Embassy or send your original passport and other documents to the embassy.
  • It usually takes more than 2-4 business days to get a response from your email.
  • This will be extremely inconvenient for those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy. In addition, it could be hard and takes a long time to get your visa to Vietnam.
  • Important notes

    You first need find out Vietnam Embassy locations and contact info to call them for getting the accurate details relating to the procedures and fees before coming to the nearest embassy in your area. This is because each embassy will charge you different fees and have various procedures.

    Every essential paper should be sent to the embassy at the same time. If you miss any of these requirements, the application will be considered as invalid.

    You have to send the Vietnam embassy visa application form in person or post to the Vietnam Embassy. In some specific circumstances, you must have a representative to apply visa to you.

    In some occasions, your visa request could be rejected, or lengthen by the Embassy of Vietnam. Therefore, you should not reserve any airplane ticket during the visa processing period. Considering that the embassy will not take any responsibility in case your visa request is declined, and you could not get on the plane. Moreover, the charge for the Vietnam embassy visa fee is non-refundable.

    Once the visa is issued, and you want to make some changes regarding the staying duration, you have to make a new visa.

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