Guidelines On How To Get Vietnam Visa Extension

You obtained visa Vietnam on arrival for your journey to Vietnam and would like to stay longer in this country, but you do not have any clue about how to extend your Vietnam visa. There is no need for you to worry, we will suggest you the best solution for your problem.

Before approaching the method of extending your visa, you need to find out several information regarding Vietnam visa extension as below.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Guidelines On How To Get Vietnam Visa Extension

A piece of Vietnam visa extension 

Definition of visa extension

Visa extension means that you will have a new permission from the Vietnam Immigration Department to remain longer in this country.

Types of Vietnam visa extension

Currently, there are two types of visa extensions Vietnam: one month and three months.

  • In case your existing visa is 1 month single or 1-month multiple entries, you can apply to extend in 1 more month.
  • In case your existing visa is 3-month single or 3-month multiple entries, you are enabled to extend in 3 more months.
  • Conditions

  • Your original passport includes more than 1 blank page to receive the new stamp.
  • Your legal passport has at least 6 months of validity.
  • You need to have no less than 7 days before your visa gets expired.
  • Important notes when extending visa to Vietnam

    You cannot extend your visa via the internet by yourself. In the event that you would like to extend your visa to Vietnam, you must get in touch with the Vietnam Immigration Department or a travel agency such as Greenvisa specializing in visa processing in Vietnam before your visa expiration around 7 days for extending your Vietnam visa.

    In order to extend your visa, you are required to hand in your passport to us. Once the process is completed, we will send back the new visa to Vietnam along with your passport to you after 7 business days.

    Keep in mind that the Vietnam visa extension fee is more costly than VOA Vietnam fee. For that reason, you are advised to schedule your plan carefully before making an application visa for Vietnam on arrival.

    You are suggested to visit website to get more Vietnam visa information concerning the extension of visa.

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