8 Handy Advices For Foreigners Before Applying For Vietnam Visa

Travelers sometimes feel uncomfortable with the process of getting Vietnam visa service since it has complicated entry procedure and strict requirements. Below is the list of Vietnam visa advices to not only save travelers time but also keep them away from a potential headache.

Vietnam Visa Guide - 8 Handy Advices For Foreigners Before Applying For Vietnam Visa

1. It is never too soon to get a visa to Vietnam

According to experienced fellow travelers to Vietnam, you should begin the process of requesting visa for Vietnam from one to two weeks before your departure. Obtaining a Vietnam visa is basically an administrative procedure, and you will never know how lengthy and unexpected it can be. The most ideal way to get a visa Vietnam is to apply a Vietnam visa online. But before you get a visa online, you are recommended to read all the tips and check some important information about visa requirement for Vietnam.

2. Keep yourself up-to-date with Vietnam visa regulations

Before planning for the trip, please check the Vietnam government’s website for updating any change in Vietnam visa regulations. You should carefully consider the fees and documents because they can cause trouble and slow down the timeline of the plan.

3. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least the next six months, with enough space for visa sticker

If your original passport is not valid for 6 months before your arrival date, you need to apply for a new one before traveling. If not, you may have some trouble in the process of getting a visa to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa will be stamped into the passport as a sticker in a blank page. In case your passport does not have any blank page, you should prepare a new passport to stamp your visa.

Vietnam Visa Guide - 8 Handy Advices For Foreigners Before Applying For Vietnam Visa

4. Get to know visa on arrival Vietnam

There are many travelers choosing to get Vietnam VOA due to its simple process. As the name suggests, it is simply a type of visa that you will pick up upon arrival. However, with strings attached, you cannot suddenly show up at the airport and apply for your visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa on arrival only works if you have a Vietnam approval letter in hand before getting on board. It means you should choose a reliable and best Vietnam visa on arrival service to apply online for getting it as you cannot get this visa type by yourself. Below is how visa on arrival works:

  • Fill in Vietnam visa online application (via a visa agency)
  • Make payment for the service
  • Receive Vietnam letter of approval from the agency
  • Print it out to pick up Vietnam visa at the arrival airport
  • Visa on arrival Vietnam is only applied for those who travel by air. You can pick up your visa at one of the four Vietnam international airports (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Cam Ranh). Please keep in mind that this type of visa is not applicable to those entering Vietnam by other means of transport.

    5. Fill in the application form correctly

    You need to make sure that the information filled in Vietnam visa application form is correct and similar to what is written on your passport. Spelling or typing mistakes can cause unexpected trouble at the Immigration office. Therefore, you should let a Vietnam visa agency like Greenvisa to assist you in getting visa because if anything goes wrong, their people will be right at the airport to help you.

    Vietnam Visa Guide - 8 Handy Advices Before Applying for Vietnam Visa

    6. Beware of the arrival date

    The time which you are allowed to stay in Vietnam is clearly stated on the visa sticker. If you use Vietnam on arrival visa, it will be stated on the visa approval letter. You can enter Vietnam within the cited period but not earlier.

    7. Extend your visa

    You will probably need an agency to extend your visa because it involves a passport send-off and many rules. Vietnam visa extension online usually takes from 3 to 10 days, so you should arrange for it at least a week before your visa expires. You have maximum three extensions, after that, you must get a new visa.

    8. Find a trustworthy Vietnam visa fast track service

    There are hundreds of websites offering visa service (many of which might be scams), so finding a reliable company with affordable price is not easy. To avoid a rip-off, you are advised to compare prices between different companies because they can vary greatly, there is no better way than call/ email/ chat with them directly to check their service.

    You should read Vietnam visa fee to find out more information about visa fees and make sure you understand it clearly. In case you have any question about the visa service fees, please feel free to contact us at Greenvisa.

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