How To Apply For Vietnam Visa On Arrival

For long periods through the historical timeline in the past, Vietnam was closed and not extensively known to many countries around the world in the diplomatic aspect. However, thanks to the attempt of Vietnam government in boosting country's tourism sector, foreign citizens can now apply for a visa to visit Vietnam for both personal and business purposes. Moreover, they are allowed to get a visa for Vietnam in 2 ways: at Vietnam Embassy or getting Vietnam VOA at the airport.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival - How To Apply For Vietnam Visa On Arrival

How to acquire Vietnam visa VOA?

In order to obtain a VOA Vietnam, you need to visit and fill out the application form with correct information. After fulfilling all required details, you should double check to ensure that all of the information is correct because Vietnam Immigration staff will reject your visa in case there is any incorrect information. You can either select PayPal or Onepay to make your payment.

After submitting the application, checking as well as paying the service fee, your visa will be processed. You will get the Vietnam VOA approval letter within 3 operation days via email. Then, you can use this letter to get visa stamped at Vietnam international airports in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Cam Ranh and Da Nang city.

One of Vietnam visa requirements is that when arriving at Vietnam external airport, you must fill in a simple form, show your approval letter, photos, passport and make a payment for the stamping fee. If all of the documents are legal and acceptable, you can get the visa stamp and be ready for the Vietnam trip.

Vietnam VOA is applicable for airway only

Vietnam visa on arrival facility is clearly more beneficial than the traditional way of getting visa at embassy or consulate. It is no surprise that there are more and more travelers nowadays choosing this way to get Vietnam visa for their trip. However, the Vietnam Embassy still gets a significant role in issuing visa because Vietnam visa VOA is just applicable for those who travel by airway only. If you intend to come into Vietnam overland, you have to  make sure that you get a visa for Vietnam before reaching the border.

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