How To Apply Vietnam Working Visa And Work Permit For Foreign Citizens

As a person planning to enter Vietnam for business purpose, you might know that Vietnam working visa and work permit are important documents which allow you to get into and work in Vietnam legally. Owing to their importance, Greenvisa has compiled detailed information that helps you to easily get them.

Working in Vietnam visa

Vietnam working visa (business visa Vietnam) which is categorized as visa DN, DT or LV (aka B3 and B4 visa type) is issued for those traveling to Vietnam for business-related purposes. A working visa in Vietnam is usually valid for three months (single or multiple entries) or even six months to 1 year.

Presently, there are some legitimate methods for you to get Vietnam working visa. For example, you can either choose to get Vietnam visa on arrival by submitting an online application or apply for a Vietnam Embassy visa by paying a visit to the embassy nearby your place.

No matter which method you choose to apply for a visa, you must satisfy all of the Vietnam working visa requirements. Below are some necessary documents for a Vietnam work visa application that you need to prepare:

  • Original passport
  • Vietnam business visa application form
  • A color picture taken within 6 months from the application date
  • Letter of clearance
  • Visa application fee
  • Vietnam working permit

    The Department of Labor, Invalid and Society is the only organization having the right to issue Vietnam work permit for foreign residents. The validity of a work permit extends to 3 years (36 months). Once it reaches the expiry date, workers from other nations need to apply for a renewal one. That is why in this part, we provide you with some frequently asked questions and answers directly relating to acquiring working permission:

    Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Apply Vietnam Working Visa And Working Permit For Foreign Citizens

    What do I need to prepare for applying for a working permit in Vietnam?

    If you want to get permission for working in Vietnam, you have to prepare these necessary papers:

    Compulsory documents

  • An application form for requesting work permit. (latest form released in April 2014).
  • Criminal records (released in 180 days), in case you have stayed for more than six months in Vietnam, you will need to hand in both Vietnamese criminal records, as well as the criminal record from your homeland.
  • Medical report.
  • Degree (university or higher).
  • Working experience confirmation paper from previous employers.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Approval document from the Committee that permits employers to use workers from foreign countries.
  • Employer’s Business certification.
  • 2 passport-sized photographs.
  • Processing time: 40 business days

    Service fee: USD $320

    Can I work in Vietnam without owning a working permit?

    The answer is "yes" if you meet one of these conditions:

  • Your working duration is no more than 3 months.
  • You are doing activities relating to service sales for a foreign business in Vietnam.
  • You are a member of a limited company that has at least 2 members.
  • You are an owner of one member limited company in Vietnam.
  • You are a member of board of directors at a joint-stock enterprise.
  • You are a foreign lawyer owning a law practice license granted by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Can I alter the name of employer on work permit? If the answer is yes, then what are the requirements?

    Absolutely, you are allowed to alter the names of your employers on the work permit. Depending on the title of your job, it can be divided into two cases:

    Case 1: You still have the exact same title as at the previous organization. Here are the requirements:

  • Your original passport
  • Your work permit
  • The confirmation of your former employer
  • A copy of your new employer’s business registration certificate (notarized)
  • 4 photographs which are in standard-sized (3x4cm)
  • Case 2: You own a new job title at the new company. The required documents are:

  • Your passport
  • Your work permit
  • The confirmation of your former employer
  • A copy of your new employer’s business registration certificate (notarized)
  • 4 photographs which are in passport-sized (3x4cm)
  • Your Degree
  • Health Report
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