How To Deal With The Situation When Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen In A Foreign Country

Just in case you lost your passport or it was stolen while you are staying in another country, what would you do to solve this problem? The negative news is that it could take you more time, money and patience, as well as potentially delay your flight. On the other hand, if you are fully prepared and aware of what to expect, you can make things less difficult for yourself.

It is evident that passport is the most important document that you must possess if you want to travel to other countries. However, passport is also suffered from losing just like other documents if you do not take care of it. As a result, you need to be a wise traveler who prepare yourself with the following knowledge.

Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Deal With The Situation When Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen In A Foreign Country

You should always keep the passport by your side

It is not a good habit to leave your passport at the hotel. You should always keep this document with you all the time. The best method is to purchase a small bag and put it inside your shirt. You can also place your money in this bag. In case you only have backpack or handbag, you need to keep it carefully to avoid being stolen.

Separate the place where you keep your money and credit card with your passport

It might sound irrelevant, but it is indeed a wise thing to do. By putting your money as well as credit card in different places, you can avoid losing all your money along with your passport. Travelers can make use of the money to travel and look for contact information while waiting for their new passport to be processed.

Remember to bring your standard-sized photographs (4x6 cm) with you

If you don’t want to make too much effort to run around in a foreign nation to locate the place where you can take your photograph, you need to follow this advice. You should arrange more than 2 pictures which have white background before your trip so you can shorten the time for making a new passport. Also, you are recommended not to attach the photocopies of your passport and ID to your passport.

Bear in mind to learn several basic communication sentences

In the event that your passport is lost or stolen, a few sentences of communication can be useful. You will be able to ask the local people the way to the nearest police station or the embassy of your country in the host nation. You can also ask them to tell you the essential phone numbers to make contact to an organization that can help you as soon as possible.

Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Deal With The Situation When Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen In A Foreign Country

Keep calm

Do not panic if you could not find your passport. Meanwhile, you can use that amount of time to remember the places, the circumstances where it can be lost and return to that destination if it is near your place. In case you could not find your passport, you must come to the nearby police station to report about this. Then you need to contact with your country’s embassy instantly to look for more information about the procedure of renewing your passport. This is the reason why you should remember addresses and telephone numbers of the embassy or consulates of your nation in the country which you are travel to.

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