How To Get A Visa To Vietnam

How to get a visa to Vietnam?

A valid visa for is a prerequisite for most foreigners who want to travel to the country. Nowadays, you can get a visa to Vietnam in two ways:​​​​

  • Directly contacting the nearest Vietnam embassy to request permission.
  • Applying for a visa on arrival Vietnam (visa for Vietnam online) if you want to save time and avoid complicated procedures of getting a visa at Vietnam embassy.
  • For those who choose the second solution, you need to apply for a Vietnam VOA approval letter on the internet in advance and then get your passport with visa stamped at one of the four international airports in Vietnam. To help foreign citizens who are planning to visit Vietnam and do not have any clue where to begin with the visa application, the information about Vietnam visa are given in the guides below:

    Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Get A Visa To Vietnam

    Detailed guide to get a Vietnam visa

    First, before deciding to apply visa to Vietnam, you need to confirm whether the Vietnam visa exemption list includes your nationality or not.

    This list is released by Vietnam government that permits residents from some nations the legal right to go to Vietnam without having a visa for a specific number of days. The countries named on the list include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Chile, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy.

    If your country is not included in the list, you can get visa Vietnam by traveling to the nearest embassy of Vietnam in your country, or making an application for Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA Vietnam).

    You should contact the nearest Vietnam embassy in your area and get a Vietnam visa at the embassy if you are those:

  • Whose nationalities are not backed with Vietnam on arrival visa
  • Whose travel plan is to get to Vietnam by land or sea
  • Who wants to acquire a visa stamped on your passport before going to Vietnam
  • In case you do not live near the embassy/consulate, obtaining a visa on arrival will be more convenient for you than getting a visa at the Vietnam Embassy. Before choosing this option, you should remember that the VOA Vietnam only works for those who come to Vietnam by air.

    In case you choose to have visa on arrival for your journey, you can apply for it in some simple steps with GreenVisa service:

    To begin with, you will be asked to enter your accurate information, such as your full name, date of birth, passport number, and arrival date to an online Vietnam visa application form. You need to ensure the given information must be the same with the information in your passport.

    Next, you are required to make a payment for the service you choose. You can select one of the payment methods including MasterCard, PayPal, or visa credit/debit card. Also, applicants have to make sure all the information you entered is accurate because you will be charged if you make any change after. Once you finish the registration and payment, we will deal with the entire process which usually takes two business days (in normal case) or from 2 hours to 1 business day (in urgent case) to get the Vietnam approval letter. Visit Vietnam visa info to know more about the Vietnam visa requirements.

    When you arrive at one of the four international airports in Vietnam, you will be required to show your approval letter for Vietnam visa, passport, Vietnam visa on arrival form N1 (entry/exit form), your photos, and some cash for the Vietnam visa stamping fee to get the visa stamped on your passport.

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