How To Get Business Visa Vietnam For Foreign Travelers

Vietnam has enjoyed strong economic growth and attracted large volumes of foreign investments from many countries all around the world. Nowadays, there are more and more foreigners choose Vietnam as an ideal market for their business. In order to work in Vietnam, foreign businessmen are recommended to get a business visa Vietnam in advance. The requirements and procedures of getting a Vietnam business visa can be different depending on which way you choose to apply for your visa. That is why you need to directly contact the Vietnam Embassy or send your questions to our email: [email protected] to get accurate Vietnam visa info and detailed procedures.

To help you have an overview of this visa type, this article will provide you some important information on how to get a Vietnam working visa for foreign citizens.

Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Get Business Visa Vietnam For Foreign Travelers

Business visa for Vietnam , which is classified as visa LV, DN or DT, is issued to those who enter Vietnam for business purposes. In 2017, this visa type is generally legitimate for 3 months or even 6 months to 1 year (single or multiple entries). Nevertheless, you must have an invitation letter or sponsorship from your business partner in Vietnam.

If you decide to apply for a working visa in Vietnam through the embassy, you must have an invitation letter or sponsorship from your business partner or employer in Vietnam. However, if you submit a Vietnam business visa application via the Internet, this sponsorship letter is not required, and the working visa Vietnam will be processed as normal.

Option 1: Request working visa in Vietnam at the embassy

You have to come to the nearest Vietnam Embassy in person to submit the documents below:

  • A passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months before traveling to Vietnam and has at least one blank page for the Vietnam visa stamp.
  • Application form: You can download the Vietnam business visa application form at the official website of Vietnam Embassy or get it directly from the Vietnam Embassy’s office. You must complete this form, sign and attach 1 passport-sized photo (4x6cm).
  • Visa fee: This fee must be in the form of money order, cashiers check or certified check payable to "The Vietnam Embassy."
  • Processing time: It usually takes about 5 working days for the embassy to process your Vietnam work visa application.
  • Sponsorship letter
  • Option 2: Apply for Vietnam business visa on arrival

    The Vietnam business DN visa is beneficial to the people who come to Vietnam to work with a Vietnamese company or apply for the temporary residence card (TRC) in the region of Vietnam. Nowadays, Vietnam visa on arrival is now available not only for tourist but also business DN visa. It is likely to be the quickest, most inexpensive and straightforward method to get a Vietnam DN visa. Moreover, you don't have to send any document including your passport, sponsorship documents, etc. to anywhere.

    In order to get a Vietnam working visa, all you have to do is simply complete some simple steps:

    STEP 1: Fill out the online Vietnam visa application form at with particular details such as full name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, and proposed arrival date.

    STEP 2: You are recommended to double check your passport, make sure all the information in your online application is precise. After that, you need to make a payment for the visa service.

    STEP 3: Generally, after 2 working days of processing visa, we will send the Vietnam visa approval letter granted by the Vietnam Immigration office to your provided email. Then, on your arrival at the Vietnam airport, you just have to go to the VOA counter, complete a simple form and then pay for the Vietnam visa cost and get visa stamped.

    We have prepared a list of Vietnam visa guide to help you make clear with all information about business visa, tourist visa, e-visa, and others.

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