Get A Cheap Vietnam Visa On Arrival To Enter The Country With Greenvisa

If you would like to come to Vietnam, you are required to possess a valid visa. Otherwise, you will not be enabled to enter the country. One of the greatest ways to get a cheap Vietnam visa is by applying for the visa on arrival Vietnam. Vietnam Government accepts the nationality of 24 countries in the world including some countries which are members of the ASEAN group to visit Vietnam without having a visa for numerous periods.

So far, there are two ways for you to get visa for Vietnam including the traditional way at embassy or getting Vietnam VOA. However, kindly take note that both of these visa-getting methods have their own applicable applicants and procedures.

It is truth that visa on arrival is relatively convenient for those who have a short time to gear up for their trip or suddenly decide to visit Vietnam. For example, if you are in Singapore and have an idea to come to Vietnam because it takes just a few hours’ flight, applying for the fastest and cheapest visa on arrival Vietnam with Greenvisa is an ideal solution.

Advantages of Vietnam visa VOA

The first advantage of getting VOA is that  you can easily complete the whole process just by using a computer with an internet connection. Furthermore, Greenvisa will deal with Immigration authorities on your behalf instead of doing it yourself directly with the Vietnam Embassy.

When you choose to get this visa type, you just need to show your Vietnam pre approval letter as well as some required documents and cash for the stamping fee to have a visa stamped onto the passport at the Visa on arrival counter.

Meanwhile, it is more complicated for getting a Vietnam visa at the embassy. Generally, you have to directly hand in the application form with your photos and signature as well as passport to the Embassy of Vietnam in your country or the closest neighboring nations. With VOA Vietnamese, you only have to fill out an application form which is required for approval letter. However, you should take note that visa at the embassy is applicable for all means of transport while visa on arrival is just suited for those who take the trip by air. 

Moreover, getting a visa online takes shorter time than getting one at the Vietnam Embassy. Generally, the visa processing time is different from each embassy, and it is about 5 days to 1 week. Meanwhile, it is about 2 workings day for normal service and 4 hours for urgent service when you apply for visa Vietnam online. Therefore, it is a great choice for you if you want to save your time.

In case you would like to find more details relating to the cost of Vietnam visa, you can get access to Vietnam visa fee by clicking the button below. The information of Vietnam visa online fee can be clearly seen on our website and there is no hidden charge. You only have to pay the fee for your visa to be processed and the fee for stamping visa at Vietnam international airport.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Get A Cheap Vietnam Visa On Arrival To Enter The Country With Greenvisa

Landing visa counter at Vietnam intenational airport

Vietnam visa extension

When you want a new staying duration permission in Vietnam, you need visa extension. You are enabled to remain longer in Vietnam without re-entering the country. Moreover, the fee for extension is pretty much cheaper than renewal fee.

To get visa extension, your visa is required to meet some Vietnam visa requirements of the Vietnam Immigration Department. You can stay in one or three more months depending on your visa type. If your current visa is 1-month single or multiple, 3-month single or multiple entry visas, you are able to extend the visa for one more month. In case your visa is three month single or multiple entries visas; you are enabled to get three more months for visa extension.

You can find out more information about how to get Vietnam visa on arrival cheapest and easiest at If you still have any further question, Vietnam visa guide can help you deal with this.

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