The Latest Information On Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival In Vietnam Airport

Vietnam visa on arrival is considered as the best alternative to the traditional visa-getting method. After going through lots of research, analysis, as well as amendments to ease the process of applying and issuing visa, the introduction of visa on arrival is expected to bring more conveniences for both its applicants and the nation who issues it.

Introducing visa on arrival for Vietnam

Visa on arrival (VOA) is a convenient way that allows you to obtain a visa at the arrival airport. You are required to register a Vietnam visa on arrival online application before getting on the plane. After the successful submission of service payment, you will be receiving a visa on arrival Vietnam approval letter as a confirmation. You then will present this letter as well as your necessary documents to the officer of the Vietnam Immigration Department to get your visa stamped. VOA Vietnam is picked up at the airport, so this visa is only applicable for visitors traveling by air. If you plan to travel by other means of transport, please choose other options for getting your visa.

Below are Vietnam visa on arrival requirements that you have to satisfy in order to obtain a visa to Vietnam.

  • Eligible for air travel only
  • A passport with its validity of six months or longer than that
  • Two (4cmx6cm) photos
  • The accuracy of all the information entered in the secure online form, and it must be exactly the same as the information provided on the original passport.
  • There will be no amendment to the Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter after it is issued. Hence, you need to be careful before making a visa application. In addition, you have to apply for a new visa in case you want to change something with your visa request.
  • Vietnam Visa Guide - The Latest Information On Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival In Vietnam Airport

    Visa on arrival is applied for both vacation and business purposes. A tourist visa is only valid for a single entry with 30 days of stay, and it is extendable when you enter the country which you travel to. If you want to stay longer with one application, you are advised to choose a Vietnam business visa on arrival.

    After a simple process of filling in the online application form, making service payment, getting approval letter via email, presenting necessary documents and paying stamping fee at the arrival airport, you can obtain a visa Vietnam on arrival easily and quickly.

    Why should you choose visa on arrival Vietnam?

    Low price - Low service fee without any hidden charge.

    Faster - Only 1 day for urgent services and 2 days for standard services.

    Hassle-free - Online procedures, no sending passport, and no embassy appointment.

    Convenience - Applicable for travelers from many countries around the world.

    More accessible - Best option for people who live far away from the embassies, consulates or even travelers whose regions have no Embassy of Vietnam.

    Vietnam Visa Guide - The Latest Information On Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival In Vietnam Airport

    Vietnam visa on arrival counter

    Some notices when filling in information on the tourist visa Vietnam on arrival application form

    Applicant’s name on passport: it is your full name, name order is not important, the application can place either surname first or the first name first.

    Applicant’s date of birth: the date format will depend on the document regulation of each country.

    Applicant’s passport number: like on the original passport, and it should be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date.

    Date of arrival: you can fill in with proposed date of arrival. Nevertheless, please be careful with the time you enter because sometimes you can start traveling earlier or later that day.

    Photos: recently taken with a standard passport size.

    You should double check the information about Vietnam visa and view more details at Vietnam visa guide.

    Vietnam visa on arrival costs

    There are two types of Vietnam visa fees for requesting a visa on arrival for Vietnam:

    Service fee: Fee for the online visa application and fee for service for processing your visa procedures on your behalf.

    Stamping fee: Fee for getting a visa stamp in your passport and it is paid directly to the Immigration officer at the arrival airport. This fee is paid in cash, and no bank card is accepted.

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