Detailed Instructions To Pick Up Visa On Arrival In Vietnam Airports

Since the Vietnam Government passed the legalization of visa on arrival in Vietnam, this visa type has earned a great amount of people’s trust. More and more visitors coming to Vietnam are using this type of visa due to its advantages compared to the traditional way of getting visa through the embassy. However, you should keep in mind that this convenient method works for airport travelers only. It is effective in 4 international airports of Vietnam includes Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh city, Cam Ranh airport in Cam Ranh city and Da Nang airport in Da Nang.

This detailed Vietnam visa information will give you general instructions on how to Vietnam visa on arrival at the airports in Vietnam and Vietnam visa requirements. Regardless of where you want to obtain your VOA Vietnam, you need to ensure that you have prepared all of these important documents before departing:

  • Your passport (at least six months validity and more than two blank pages)
  • The visa approval letter (printed on paper)
  • The Vietnam visa form on arrival (Form N1 – additionally called entry and exit form)
  • Fee for stamping at the airport (should be in cash)
  • How to get Vietnam on arrival visa at Tan Son Nhat airport (HCM City)

    At Tan Son Nhat external airport in HCMC, the visa Vietnam upon arrival counter is located on the left-hand when you enter the Immigration hallway.

    Vietnam Visa Guide - Detailed Instructions To Pick Up Vietnam Visa On Arrival In Vietnam Airports

    Landing visa counter at Tan Son Nhat airport

    The Visa upon arrival office is marked with “Cấp thị thực tại chỗ – Landing visa”. Applicants need to reach this particular spot first to complete your paperwork as well as take the visa into your passport.

    Once you reach the Landing visa (VOA) counter, you need to present your passport, a fulfilled copy of Vietnam visa on arrival form N1, a Vietnam approval letter and a passport-sized image. 

    When your visa is prepared to take, your name will be shouted out (remember to keep your ears open). When it is your turn, your own passport will be shown to the counter alongside the photo page. Then, you need to pay the fee for the visa processing ($50 for multiple-entry visa or $25 for single entry). Both U.S. Dollars and Vietnam Dong are the accepted currencies. If you need further information about visa fee, please visit visa cost for Vietnam.

    As soon as you complete the payment of visa on arrival for Vietnam, you can get back your passport with an invoice. Remember to take a look at the newly granted visa for any mistake when you are standing at the window. After that, you must go to the Immigration control posts to be processed in a general way. Customs and Baggage Reclaim are down the stairs.

    How to get Vietnam visa on arrival at Hanoi airport?

    In Noi Bai external airport (Ha Noi), the Vietnam visa upon arrival counter is located opposite the passport post. It is known as “Visa upon arrival – Nơi cấp thị thực”. But this sign perhaps is not really clear in crowded situation.

    Vietnam Visa Guide - Detailed Instructions To Pick Up Vietnam Visa On Arrival In Vietnam Airports

    Visa upon arrival counter at Noi Bai airport

    After submitting necessary documents to the Visa landing office, you must wait for a while when they process it. If the area is crowded, remember to keep your ears and eyes open because they might call-out your name or perhaps hold-up your photo/passport. In this phase, you also need to pay for the Vietnam visa on arrival stamp fee.

    After that, make sure you double check the visa for mistakes while you are still standing at the counter. Once you get back the passport, go ahead to the ‘Foreigners’ control passport desk and take the seal into your own passport.

    How to get visa stamp at the Vietnam VOA office at Da Nang airport?

    At Da Nang external air-port (Da Nang city), please follow the exit sign. As soon as you enter the big hallway, it is extremely easy for you to see the Visa on arrival counter – it is positioned on the left-hand and clearly noticeable.

    Vietnam Visa Guide - Detailed Instructions To Pick Up Vietnam Visa On Arrival At Vietnam Airports

    The procedure is pretty fast here (about 15 minutes for the process of completing all required documents after landing). After getting your passports/visas back, move onwards to the passport post to obtain the blue stamp onto your own passport.

    If you have any question about the method to apply for VOA Vietnam visa, do not hesitate to contact us at Greenvisa.

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