Critical Mistakes In Vietnam Visa On Arrival Letter That Travelers Need To Avoid And How To Fix Them

Some critical mistakes in Vietnam visa on arrival letter could get you cancel your trip. This letter will be illegal or invalid if there is any inaccurate information. As a result, the officer of Vietnam Immigration Department at the Vietnam international airport will not allow you to enter the country.

That is why you should read Vietnam visa on arrival FAQ, pay attention to our advice below and strictly follow them in order to avoid unexpected mistakes.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Mistakes In Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

Some main problems that travelers usually have when applying visa on arrival Vietnam

  • Do not confirm the personal details properly. For example, inaccurate birthday, passport, full name, or the date of arrival may happen.
  • Misspelling the private information: entering your name, passport number wrong, etc.
  • Do not print out the Vietnam letter of approval before your journey. In some cases, the Internet could not be accessible, or it is unable to look for a place to print at the airport in Vietnam.
  • Do not get the confirmation of the travel agency through hotline when requesting emergency visa (processing in 4 hours)
  • For more details about different kinds of Vietnam VOA service, visa Vietnam official fee , visa requirement to Vietnam, please click here.

    Some tips to avoid problems with Vietnam approval letter

  • Write your name in capital
  • Check carefully the personal information on your letter such as name, passport number, arrival date, departure date, etc. when you receive the letter
  • It’s very important to feedback us as soon as possible when you find errors in your letter.
  • In case you spot something wrong with your Vietnam visa approval letter, we'll process the new visa for you if there is still enough time.
  • However, in case there's not enough time to re-apply new visa on arrival, we will send our staff to pick you up and finish all immigration procedure for you. We'll work with the Immigration officers at the airport and help you get Vietnam visa stamped.
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