Mistakes Travelers May Have When Applying For Vietnam VOA

Vietnam has offered exotic destinations for tourists throughout the world with a huge number of eco-tourism sites for years. In order to help you have more information and stop worrying about the way to get a Vietnam visa to visit this beautiful country, this article will provide you all the details you need to get visa with ease.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Mistakes Travelers May Have When Applying For Vietnam VOA

Get a Vietnam visa at the embassy or obtain VOA Vietnam visa?

In order to pick up a visa for Vietnam, you can choose to obtain a visa at the embassy or hiring a government-registered travel company like Greenvisa.io to get a visa on arrival (VOA). Both of these visa types have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, people who are living far away from the Vietnam Embassy are recommended to get VOA Vietnam visa if they don’t want to send their passports and important documents away by postal mail. Also, it is low-priced, quick and straightforward service as well as help you save lots of time for avoiding getting in line in front of the embassy.

To submit Vietnam visa application online, you can get access to Greenvisa.io, fill in the form with correct information and make a payment for the cost of Vietnam visa on arrival online. After completing these steps, the visa application will be sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department for processing, and you will receive the approval letter via email shortly after 2 operation days.

Several things you should take note before applying Vietnam VOA

However, there are several mistakes that you can have when applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. Here are some notes that you should bear in mind in order to stay away from those mistakes:

  • VOA is applicable for those who are coming to Vietnam by airway only.
  • The validity of their original passport must be at least six months.
  • The passport needs to have at least two blank pages. In case your passport does not have enough empty page, you should apply for a loose-leaf-visa.
  • The photos attached have to be taken within six months from the date of travel.
  • Kindly check the travel date because the visa only has its validity when it is counted from the date of travel, not the making application date.
  • If there is any inaccurate information, the approval letter will be invalid and may get you cancel your trip. As a result, the Vietnam Immigration officer at the airport will not allow you to enter Vietnam.
  • Even though visa on arrival just takes a few days to process the application; it is recommended that you should apply for Vietnam visa at least one month before the travel date.
  • Also, you can visit Vietnam visa guide to seek more advice and tips.

    Although applying for a visa at Vietnam Embassy is an inconvenience, slow speed of processing, complicated procedure, expensive Vietnam visa service fee, the embassy is considered as a trustworthy place to apply for a visa because it represents the Vietnam government.

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