Necessary Information Of Vietnam Embassy Visa For Foreign Visitors

General Vietnam visa information

Vietnam visa is required for all foreigners planning to visit Vietnam except for residents of listed countries benefiting from the visa exemption with Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate are the only competent government organizations that are authorized to grant visa abroad. Requesting Vietnam Embassy visa is considered as the most traditional and reliable way of getting visa to Vietnam. You can directly get the permission to enter Vietnam right in your country when choosing this method. You can apply for a visa directly at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate or by mail/post.

The embassy will stamp Vietnam visa onto your passport once you have completed all required procedures and they will send the passport back to you. A great advantage of visa issued at the Embassy of Vietnam is that you can get into Vietnam through any mean of transport (airway, land border, or cruise).

Vietnam Visa Guide - Necessary Information Of Vietnam Embassy Visa For Foreign Visitors

Sample of Vietnam visa stamped onto passport

Types of Vietnam visa – Business visa and tourist visa

For travel visa for Vietnam, the validity can be up to one month with single or multiple entries.

Whereas, business visa for Vietnam could be issued for single or multiple entries with a maximum stay up to 90 days.

Moreover, besides necessary documents, you must obtain a clearance letter from your sponsor in Vietnam.

Vietnam embassy visa fee and processing time

The time for processing a visa varies from country to country and usually takes between 5-7 days.

Fees are also different at each embassy and you should contact the embassy to check the most updated fee.

Required documents

  • The original passport has to have the validity of at least 6 months.
  • One Vietnam Embassy visa application form completed with accurate information and attached with one passport-size photo.
  • You need to pay the cost of visa for Vietnam Immigration Department by cash or other main types of bank cards. The fees vary and depend on the length of the journey, type of entry, and the purpose of the trip. Especially, all visa fees at the embassy are non-refundable.
  • If you choose to submit your application by mail or post, please provide the address of places receiving passport and visa exactly. All of the documents should be put carefully in one envelope.
  • Important notes

  • The embassy will not answer any question related to the visa procedures.
  • Every necessary documents must be sent at the same time. Missing any of them, the application form is invalid, and the visa fees are non-refundable.
  • Sometimes, the visa request might be denied or extended by the Vietnam Embassy. Therefore, you should not book any plane ticket during the visa processing time. The embassy doesn't have any responsibility if your visa is refused and you cannot get on the aircraft.
  • In case the visa is denied by the embassy, you cannot apply for Vietnam visa with the same previous purpose within 6 months. Plus, the Vietnam Embassy will not answer the rejected reason.
  • After the visa is issued and if you have any adjustment related to extending the staying duration, you must renew it.
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