5 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Visa Vietnam On Arrival

If travelers would like to go to Vietnam, obtaining a Vietnam visa is a prerequisite. Now, there are two methods to get a visa to Vietnam. A common option is that you can get your visa at the embassy of Vietnam. Nevertheless, the process is troublesome since you need to go to Vietnam embassies or consulates and deal with many complicated procedures to get a visa stamp on your passport. Luckily, visa Vietnam on arrival is going to be a much better solution for travelers to save money and time on your visit.

Followings are five reasons to answer why you should choose visa on arrival for Vietnam for your trip:

Vietnam visa guide - 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival in Vietnam has an easy process

This type of visa involves easy processes; you simply follow several simple steps below to get your visa stamped.

  • It takes a couple of minutes to complete the Vietnam visa application form. The applicants can click “RUSH VISA VIETNAM” for an urgent visa or “APPLY ONLINE” for an original visa. After submitting the application form and paying a service fee, they will be given a pre-authorized Vietnam VOA approval letter through their e-mail. Having this letter, the applicants will be permitted to enter Vietnam with no difficulty.
  • Finally, be sure to bring the pre-authorized letter and present it to Vietnam Immigration officers at the airport. Visitors will be given a stamp of visa for their trip afterward.
  • It gets you more convenience

    Getting Vietnam VOA is a convenient method for visitors who come to Vietnam by airplane as you can collect it at one of the four international airports in the country. Moreover, you can apply for visa on arrival for Vietnam ahead of your excursion and get it when arriving in Vietnam.

    You can save more money with on arrival visa for Vietnam

    The cost of Vietnam visa on arrival is beginning from $12 (more applicants will be cheaper). This modest fee could help you avoid many troubles with long procedures when they submit visa at the embassy of Vietnam. And particularly, you will be charged the service fee only if your Vietnam visa on arrival application  is processed successfully. Your money is ensured to be back in one hour if you change your mind and would like to request a refund. Keep in mind that the service fee is not the same as the stamping fee. The service fee is the fee that you need to pay for a travel agency such as Greenvisa.io to get the best Vietnam visa on arrival service. While stamping fee is the fee you must pay directly for Vietnam government through Vietnam Immigration officers at international airports in Vietnam. The stamping fee must certainly be paid in cash by VND or USD.

    It also saves your time

    Rather than waiting for about 5-7 working days to get a visa at Vietnam embassy or consulate, the option of submitting a VOA Vietnam visa will assist you in getting Vietnam approval letter within 48 hours maximum. Not only that, but you can also obtain the pre-approved letter for VOA Vietnam visa within four business hours and 30 minutes for the urgent case.

    You can apply VOA in Vietnam easily from everywhere

    Getting Vietnam VOA is an ideal method for people who are currently living far from Vietnam consulate or embassy. Even when you are on vacations in other countries, they can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online with ease through Vietnam visa offical site before coming to Vietnam.

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