Vietnam On Arrival Visa Procedures And 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Getting Vietnam VOA

Vietnam on arrival visa online application

Visa is a prerequisite for travelers coming or leaving Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam provides 3 types of visa for foreigners. To avoid overcrowding at visa offices or losing important documents when conducting the visa process at the Vietnam Embassy, you are advised to choose Vietnam on arrival visa (Vietnam VOA) – a visa system issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department in 2000.

On arrival visa Vietnam is considered as an alternative for those who want to save time and avoid complicated visa procedures at the embassy. Instead of driving to the Vietnam Embassy to complete tedious processes and then wait for at least 5 days to obtain for just a single visa, now with VOA, all the procedures as well as the payment for the cost of visa on arrival Vietnam are mainly completed online with more straightforward and easier steps.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Vietnam On Arrival Visa Procedures And 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Getting Vietnam VOA

Some steps to apply Vietnam on arrival visa with

Visa Vietnam on arrival procedures at the arrival airports

The most important visa requirement for Vietnam VOA that you must take note is that after landing at the arrival airport in Vietnam, you first have to come to the Landing visa counter and start conducting the final step of the visa getting process. At the counter, you are required to present prepared documents to the Immigration staff. The documents consist of an original passport (it is valid for at least 6 months and has 2 empty pages), 2 passport-sized photos, entry/exit form and some cash for the stamping fee.

Visa on arrival is only applied for people moving by airplane. If you don't travel by air, you should apply for an e-visa or contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy to request a visa.

The most critical thing is that you must get the Vietnam VOA approval letter before flying and carry it when arriving in Vietnam. Unless you have this letter, you are not permitted to get on the airplane.

The process of getting a visa at the international airport in Vietnam generally takes about 15-30 minutes. Nevertheless, it sometimes takes longer than expected because of a vast number of applicants. People intending to shorten this step can use our fast tracking service at

Five common mistakes when applying for Vietnam VOA

No need to register online: Many travelers think that they can obtain a visa right at the Vietnam airport without applying online. That doesn't belong to the procedures of Vietnam VOA; you must make an application online to get an approval letter and use it to check in at the departure and arrival airports. Without this letter, your flight can be delayed, or you have to wait until the visa is approved.

Visa on arrival for all means of transport: Please remember that VOA Vietnam visa is eligible for those traveling by air only and there is no visa Vietnam on arrival for border or seaport. Therefore, if you don't visit Vietnam though airway, you have to get a Vietnam visa beforehand.

Spelling mistakes: Many people do not pay attention to enter exactly their personal information on the application form. In some cases, your application will be declined by the airline at the airport because the information on the application form or the approval letter doesn't match with those written on your passport. Therefore, you should make sure your details filled in any necessary document is accurate.

Arrival date: Many applicants have confusion about the arrival date of the application. The validity of visa will be effective from the travel date, not from the date you make the application form. So, you should have a clear plan of your journey before requesting a visa for Vietnam.

Visa extension: The process of extending a visa is not easy and generally consumes lots of your time and money. So, you could apply for a 3 month visa Vietnam in advance instead of 1 month to save money and time for the visa extension.

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