Some Important Notes About Vietnam Visa Extension In 2017

If you want to get more time to stay in Vietnam when your visa is about to expire, you need to get a visa extension. To get a Vietnam visa extension is not a difficult task, however, you should keep in mind some important Vietnam visa info to avoid the rejection.

Vietnam visa guide - Some Important Notes About Vietnam Visa Extension In 2017

1. Nationality: The deciding factor to result of visa extensions Vietnam

One of the most influential factors to the result of extending visa is the nationality. The procedure of the extension will be quicker and easier if your nationality is easy to get a visa extension, your visa period may be extended more times and longer. However, with the difficult nationalities, your visa extension to Vietnam may be denied due to certain reasons. Those nationalities include the Middle East, some Asian countries (India and China), and African countries (excluding South Africa).

2. Visa types

The type of visa will significantly affect your duration, times, and extension records.

  • Depending on the entry purpose, Vietnam visa will include DN for businessman, DL for travelers, LD for labor, DT for foreign investors and foreign lawyers in Vietnam.
  • Depending on the duration and number of times: once a month / many times, once every 3 months / many times and once every 6 months / many times as well as one year / many times.
  • 3. The special situation: Multi entry visa Vietnam extension

    There are plenty of foreign visitors need 2nd visa extension in Vietnam. You may face some problems including the unexpected increase of Vietnam visa extension cost or denied renewal. In that case, you should hire a Vietnam visa travel agency such as to help you solve that problem.

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