E visa Vietnam – An Ideal Visa Type For Busy Businessmen And Tourists

In early 2017, Vietnam Government launched a new visa type called electronic visa (e visa Vietnam), which is an official document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via the Internet for foreigners to arrive and travel across Vietnam. The validity of this visa type is not longer than one month and used for single entry only.

This visa type is on a sheet of paper so that you can get it with passport on your trip. Nowadays, you can apply for evisa Vietnam by yourself via the internet or hire a government-registered travel agency on your behalf to get a visa to Vietnam.

Evisa for Vietnam is ideal for busy businessmen, tourists as well as those who live far from the embassy or in country without Vietnam Embassy. It is more convenient for both visitors and business travelers than getting a visa traditionally at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam. However, please keep in mind that in case the application is rejected, the fee will not be refunded.

Vietnam Visa Guide - E visa Vietnam – An Ideal Visa Type For Busy Businessmen And Tourists

Several benefits that travelers can get from Vietnam e visa system

Firstly, since evisa price for Vietnam can be said to be the most affordable in comparison with other methods of getting visa, you can save your money by choosing this visa type. The procedure of getting evisa to Vietnam is processed on the internet so you can decline the face-to-face appointments at the Vietnam Embassy, reduce the fee for transport spending and printing visa as well.

Secondly, it is true that people can get benefits from this kind of visa in order to save their time. According to visa requirement to Vietnam, there is no need for you to submit the Vietnam e visa application form directly to the Vietnam Embassy or send it via postal mail. Moreover, the evisa Vietnam application which are published through a secure application portal can be accessed 24/7.

You can complete this evisa system from any browser and electronic device. Thus, the logistics and databases can be streamlined and cut down for Vietnam government and the Immigration Department.

Some important notes before applying evisa for Vietnam

A sticker will be attached to the passport instead of a stamp in the visa on arrival. The Vietnam e-visa process doesn't require Vietnam visa approval letter as a confirmation after you successfully submit your application.

Moreover, you can apply for an e visa for Vietnam on your own or hire an agency to assist you in completing the procedure on your behalf. However, because Vietnam e-visa has just been granted since early 2017, sometimes the officers at seaports, border gates or Immigration staff still haven't known about this type of visa. Thus, you should check in advance with the airlines to stay away from some unexpected problems at those arrival gates.

However, this type of visa is sometimes not convenient for those who want to remain longer than 30 days in Vietnam because it cannot be extended.

To conclude, Vietnam e-visa online is more efficient, flexible and cost-effective than getting a visa at the embassy. You now can have the flexibility for your trip thanks to the quick processing time of this visa type instead of waiting for about 5 days to 1 week process at the Vietnam Embassy. However, if you want to remain in Vietnam for longer than a month, Vietnam on arrival visa would be a better option for you.

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