Some Essential Things You Should Know Before Getting An Online Visa For Vietnam

Vietnam Government has issued online visa for Vietnam (visa on arrival in Vietnam) for those who want to get a visa to Vietnam in the fastest way.

Foreign citizens no longer spend much time to get in line, wait for the application at the Vietnam Embassy in their own countries. Also, with the low price, simple procedures, the prestige, the fast processing time, visa online Vietnam has been getting the trust of many tourists. You can apply for this visa type easily at anywhere that has an Internet connection, 3G Mobile, Wireless.

Unless you want to get yourself into trouble at the airport, before you apply for a Vietnam visa online, you should check how to apply for a Vietnam visa online to get more information.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Some Essential Things You Should Know Before Getting An Online Visa For Vietnam

Basic Vietnam visa requirements

According to the Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam online visa is applicable for visitors traveling by air only, tourists who want to visit Vietnam by other means of transport have to apply for other types of visa.

Once you arrive at 1 of 4 international airports in Vietnam (including Noi Bai, Danang, Cam Ranh, and Tan Son Nhat airport), you will need to present your passport, an entry, and exit form, two photos, and stamping fee for Vietnam Immigration staff. After that, they will provide you with a visa sticker into your passport. Finally, you have to come to the Passport check and get your visa stamped.

Please bear in mind that your passport must have six months of validity and at least two empty pages. You should choose to apply for a loose leaf visa in case your passport does not have enough blank pages.

Moreover, you will be required to pay the stamping fee (must be in cash) at the Vietnam international airports. It usually costs $25 for single-entry visa and $50 for a multiple-entry visa. Remember that the Immigration officer won’t accept any credit card, so you need to prepare your money before getting the visa stamp.

You are also advised to check the travel time registered in the application in advance because the visa is only effective from the date you start traveling, not from the date making the application.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Some Essential Things You Should Know Before Getting An Online Visa For Vietnam

Several notes before making an application for Vietnam visa online

Though this kind of visa includes uncomplicated procedures, travelers should take note some essential things when you apply for Vietnam visa online:

  • You need to find a reliable travel company before deciding to apply for visa Vietnam online, such as Greenvisa which is a government-registered agency. Our website has an accurate address, telephone number so that you can send a question to us to have the assistance.
  • You must travel to Vietnam by airplane if you want to get a visa online for Vietnam at the arrival airports.
  • Your original passport must have at least 6 months of validity.
  • You should check whether your nationality is included in the list of countries whose entry visas are exempted. If your nation is named in this list, but you have already used our service to apply for a Vietnam visa online, our company will refund the payment as soon as possible.
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