Typical Mistakes In Vietnam Visa Application Process

As a foreign traveler planning to visit Vietnam, a valid visa is the first thing you need to possess to enter the country in a legal way. However, it seems that a lot of people usually have some problems when they apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. That is why we have compiled all common mistakes that visitors usually make with Vietnam visa application so that you guys won't have to experience the same situation.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Typical Mistakes In Vietnam Visa Application Process

A sample of Vietnam visa stamp

Typing errors in the visa application form of Vietnam

This is the first mistake that we want to mention. As we had experience, some travelers constantly forgot writing their complete name every time they fill in a Vietnam visa online application form. You need to keep in mind that you are required to write your full name which is exactly the same as what is in your passport.

Select the incorrect nationality

Pick the faulty nationality is the next error that we would like to tell you. You must write your nationality precisely. As soon as your application is effective, you should check carefully all your info in the confirmation letter which is sent to your registered email. In case you spot anything inaccurate, be sure to get in touch with us straight away to correct it.

Receipt status

Do not confirm visa status in the receipt is also another significant misunderstanding. In order to ensure that your visa for Vietnam request is successful, you have to mention to a status of your receipt (successful or unsuccessful) after you submit your visa application form of Vietnam.

Do not check the information in the Vietnam visa approval letter after receiving the e-mail

In some case, you forget to check all the information in the approval letter which is possible to contain some unpredicted errors of travel companies or Vietnam Immigration Department. So please verify all details as soon as you receive your Vietnam visa approval letter.

Do not check entry and exit date

In many situations, foreigners are unable to understand correctly what 1 or 3-month single entry or multiple entries visa is. And they do not know when their visa is going to be expired. Therefore, you are advised to read thoroughly about visa types and know precisely which period of time you want.

Travel date

A lot of people assume that arrival date begins from the date they enter Vietnam, but this assumption is absolutely incorrect. You have to remember that your arrival date is the date you wrote on the application. You cannot enter Vietnam before this date, but you can come to Vietnam after your entry date.

Get visa without applying

You can apply for Vietnam visa online before you come into Vietnam so that you can avoid unwanted circumstances such as postpone or cancel your flight to Vietnam or you cannot enter the country.

Get visa on arrival at the border

Before making an Vietnam visa on arrival application, you need to take note that this visa type is only for those traveling to Vietnam by air. In case you go to Vietnam by land or sea, you need to get in touch with the closest Embassy of Vietnam to obtain your Vietnam embassy visa.

These are all common errors that travelers often encounter when they enter Vietnam by visa on arrival.

If you are still confused about anything regarding visa Vietnam on arrival, please do not hesitate to contact us via supported email: [email protected].

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