Particular Circumstances That Visa Vietnam Is Required For Foreign Passport Holders

In recent years, there are more and more travelers interested in visiting Vietnam. Realizing this, the Vietnam government has tried their best to simplify the process of getting visa Vietnam so that foreigners can visit Vietnam more easily. This gives a hand to enhance the number of visitors to Vietnam yearly. With the purpose of helping foreign visitors prepare their trip to Vietnam better, let us clear up the details of getting visa to Vietnam at the embassy by the useful information below.

Vietnam visa exemption for people planning to travel to Vietnam

Citizens from over the world need to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam for both tourist and business purposes. As stated by the Vietnam Immigration Department, residents coming from several nations will not be required visa for Vietnam if they meet one of the following circumstances:

  • Inhabitants of some countries can enjoy visa exemption from Vietnam: 30 days for Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia; 21 days for the Philippines; 15 days for Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, South Korea, Japan; 14 days for Brunei and Myanmar.
  • 30 days as the maximum for visiting Phu Quoc island.
  • Travelers land in Vietnam but not passing through intercontinental transit area.
  • Vietnam Visa Guide - Particular Circumstances That Visa Vietnam Is Required For Foreign Passport Holders

    Some requirements and procedures travelers should bear in mind to apply for Vietnam visa

    If your circumstance is not part of these situations, you need to apply for Vietnam visa before you cross the country border.

    You can apply for a visa to Vietnam in person at the Vietnam Embassy in your country or by post to the embassy’s address. You need to find the closest Embassy of Vietnam in your area and submit your visa application there. Kindly take note that this method perhaps requires you to spend a lot of time and go through complicated process.

    Generally, you must fill out an application form with photo affixed on it, bring your original passport which is valid for at least one month after the exit day from Vietnam. The visa application can be submitted in person or by post. If you use email, you need to send your passport copy, PDF file of application form and evidence of payment (including transfer receipt, screenshot, bank statement, etc.). The Vietnam Embassy perhaps request a few supporting documents, and they will contact when necessary.

    The visa fees depend on the length of stay, the number of entries, as well as the different service fees from each embassy. You should directly contact the Vietnam Embassy in your country to get the specific price. If you request your passport to be returned by postal, you must pay the prepaid return envelope. There is no any refund in case your application is rejected.

    The second option for getting visa to Vietnam is by making an application for visa on arrival at You only need to complete an application form on the Internet and pay the service. After that, we will work with the Immigration Department on your behalf to get an approval letter and forward it to your provided email. Finally, you have to present all your required documents and the stamping fee to the Immigration officer to acquire Vietnam visa.

    You can visit Vietnam visa information to read more about the differences between getting visa from Vietnam Embassy and Vietnam visa on arrival.

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