Basic Information People Should Know Before Choosing Vietnam E-Visa

On the first of February 2017, the Vietnamese government announced a two-year pilot plan to launch an electronic visa system for foreign travelers coming to the country.

Presently, there are three ways for foreigners to get a visa to Vietnam, including:

  • Getting visa at Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam
  • Getting visa Vietnam on arrival
  • Getting an evisa for Vietnam
  • The first method is made directly at the Embassy of Vietnam in visitor’s living country while the next two methods are made on the Internet. The travelers can totally choose one of them to obtain a​​​​ visa to get into the country, as long as they satisfy all the Vietnam visa requirements of each type.

    Vietnam Visa Guide - Basic Information People Should Know Before Choosing Vietnam E-Visa

    What is Vietnam Evisa?

    Vietnam visa is a travel documents issued by the Vietnam immigration goverment, provides permission to enter Vietnam.

    E-visa (referred as electronic visa) is one type of visa issued to foreign citizens by Vietnamese Immigration Department through an electronic system. Vietnam E-visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days with a single entry.

    Travelers who would like to enter Vietnam can personally submit an application Evisa for Vietnam or via travel agencies such as

    Then, they need to pay the current visa fee for Vietnam Immigration Department. The payment can be made through electronic payment gateway given by the Immigration Office. One thing foreign visitors should keep in mind is that in case the application is rejected, the fee will not be refunded.

    List of countries that allow Evisa Vietnam issuing

    1 ARG Argentina
    2 ARM Armenia
    3 AZE Azerbaijan
    4 BGR Bulgaria
    5 BLR Belarus
    6 BRN Bruney
    7 CHL Chile
    8 CHN China (Not apply to Chinese e-passport holders)
    9 COL Colombia
    10 CUB Cuba
    11 CZE Czech Republic
    12 D Germany
    13 DNK Denmark
    14 ESP Spain
    15 FIN Finland
    16 FRA France
    17 GBR The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    18 GRC Greece
    19 HUN Hungary
    20 IRL Ireland
    21 ITA Italy
    22 JPN Japan
    23 KAZ Kazakhstan
    24 KOR Korea (South)
    25 LUX Luxembourg
    26 MMR Myanmar
    27 MNG Mongolia
    28 NOR Norway
    29 PAN Panama
    30 PER Peru
    31 PHL Philippines
    32 POL Poland
    33 ROM Romania
    34 RUS Russia
    35 SVK Slovakia
    36 SWE Sweden
    37 TMP Timor Leste
    38 URY Uruguay
    39 USA The United States of America
    40 VEN Venezuela

    Conditions for travelers to be granted Evisa to Vietnam

  • Citizens from 40 countries in the list above
  • Having legitimate passport
  • Not getting into the cases of suspension from entry prescribed in Article 21 of Law on foreigners' entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Vietnam.
  • Basic information about E visa for Vietnam

    Here are some Vietnam Evisa info should you take note before applying for this visa type:

    Purpose of visit: Vacation

    Visa validity: one month single entry

    Visa Fee: $25, non-refundable in case the visa application is rejected.

    Vietnam Evisa process: The entire process will be implemented online. First, you need to fill in the application form and attach it with your own pictures and your passport page. Then, you have to pay the visa fee for your visa to be processed. After that, you will be provided with a digital code to check the application process and print out your Evisa to Vietnam once it has been issued.

    You must have a passport with at least six-month validity to apply for this kind of visa. When you arrive at Vietnam airports, you will be required to present these documents to enter the country:

  • The printed visa.
  • Your travel/business schedule in Vietnam.
  • Health insurance during your journey in Vietnam.
  • Processing time: You will have to wait for 3 working days to know whether your Vietnam visa application is approved or not. After that, the visa will be sent to your email in a PDF file.

    Entry gates: 28 (8 international airports, 13 international border gates, and 7 seaports across Vietnam)

    Remember: Since this method of obtaining visa is still very new, some certain airlines or the officers from Immigration Department at Vietnam airports may not have been aware and thus may reject it. That is the reason why you are advised to check with your airlines before traveling to prevent this situation from happening.

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